Royal Revolt Review

Royal Revolt Review

Feb 27, 2013

Royal Revolt is an arcade battle game with just the right amount of cute characters and kid-friendly game play. If you’re a parent concerned with too much violence in fighting games, then this one can guarantee less of the gore and more of the action.

In a faraway kingdom, a young prince is in his quest to reclaim his father’s throne after his tragic death. The prince must battle his evil aunts and uncles and their horde of soldiers to conquer and take back the fallen kingdom.

The young prince is a cute little soldier, and he has his own army to fight with him. These soldiers are categorized into sword or arrow, and there’s a button for the kind you want to “spawn” and join you in battle. Spawning is done in time intervals, and you’ll need to wait a few seconds before you can spawn more troops.

Coins are lying idly along the war path, and are yours for the taking. If you manage to collect at least a thousand of these, then you can start upgrading spells, troops and the hero himself.

While you may think it’s fine if you don’t upgrade, think again. Royal Revolt is what they call a reverse tower defense game. This means your opponent is reinforcing his defense and upgrading his offense. So just when you’re confident you’re good to go, you might end up failing too early in the next round. So upgrading your gear, powers and army is a must.

Graphics are great, although it does have that cartoonish quality that appeals more to young children. That’s not to say you won’t like it, it just may not be too compelling of a game when you realize how “cute” these characters are when in fact they’re aiming arrows and hacking swords.

Game controls are pretty solid, and I had no problems bringing the hero to where I want him, or spawning troops when I needed them. A recent update also indicated improved responsiveness when moving the hero around the battlefield.

Royal Revolt offers a lot of action while maintaining a wholesome interface. It’s a joy to play if you’re looking for something that’s not too intense nor too easy. This game has the right combination of that, and it only proves battle games don’t have to be violent, bloody or grotesque to be enjoyable.