Mafia III: Rivals Arrives on Google Play

Mafia III: Rivals Arrives on Google Play

Oct 7, 2016

Gangster wanna-be mobile players, take heed! Mafia III: Rivals is out on Google Play.

This game, based on the Hangar 13 PC game, takes one to New Bordeaux. As the title suggests, the main goal is to build the strongest, most profitable crime family around.

Of course, easier said than done; one has to take on rival crews, and it takes more than a little of a hard hand to acquire weapons, property and other things that help the player gain power.

One can recruit bosses as well. Players can take on other players worldwide, and there are leaderboards for those into rankings and bragging rights.

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Slash Mobs Review

Slash Mobs Review

Sep 26, 2016

It’s getting harder and harder to find new things to talk about when it comes to reviewing ‘clicker’ games. Here we are with a new game that plays itself, Slash Mobs. In Slash Mobs you’re taking on enemies with each click resulting in your hero swinging their sword. After a number of swings, the enemy dies and you get some money.

Simple enough, right? You can spend your money on upgrading your hero, so your clicks are more powerful or your can spend money hiring new heroes to help you out. These heros, once they’re hired, can also be powered up and at ‘level’ milestones (10, 25, 50, 100… etc) you can unlock new abilities.

This may sound complicated but it all comes down to spending money on yourself, so your clicks are more powerful, or spending money on heros so you don’t have to click and so you earn money whilst your phone’s in your pocket.unnamed-25

I may sound a little dismissive but as far as clickers go, Slash Mobs is a well made and feature rich example of the genre. There’s plenty of carrots to keep you coming back and there’s always something for you to be levelling-up. There’s daily quests to complete, there’s daily rewards to collect, treasure chests that unlock after a number of hours and so on. Pretty much every Free-to-Play hook you can think of is present in Slash Mobs.

Again, this may sound like a negative but Slash Mobs handles its micro-transactions really well, with plenty of opportunities to earn credits through watching adverts or simply playing the game daily.

On top of the well balanced enemies it’s safe to say that Slash Mobs has had plenty of care given to its graphics and visual design as a whole. Enemies are good looking and vary greatly from area to area. Some look like Pokemon, others look like they should be from Monster Hunter but all of them are nice looking and well animated.

In fact, the game as a whole has a level of polish to it which makes it extremely fun to play. Particle effects sprout up when you level-up a hero, your character’s special abilities work well and will help you get past any particularly difficult enemies and there’s an absolute ton of levels, heroes and items to unlock.

So whilst Slash Mobs isn’t trying to do anything new, it is extremely well made and has really narrowed down what it is that makes a clicker game fun. Namely, you’re always within touching distance of a new item, ability or power-up and when you’re not playing the game your heroes are hard at working earning you money.

It’s not new, it’s not revolutionary but it is good. Slash Mobs is a worthwhile clicker that is full of content and will keep you coming back for more.

Primal Legends Arrives on Android

Primal Legends Arrives on Android

Aug 11, 2016

Kobojo has a new game out called Primal Legends.

Game details:

Assemble an army to fight through the world of Theria and duel players in real time!
Become Legend!


Easy to play, hard to master. Mix between classic match-3 mechanics and collectible card games.

Persevere through the trials of Theria in over 200 levels.

Duel players from around the world in real-time battles

Adapt your strategy and build the strongest army. Collect and evolve your heroes to unleash their full potential!

Stay tuned and discover the latest heroes and their powers

Visually striking 2D graphics designed for a truly immersive mobile experience

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

New RPG ‘Raid Master’ Launches on Google Play

New RPG ‘Raid Master’ Launches on Google Play

Aug 11, 2016

Raid Master: Epic Relic Chaser, a new game from Bluehole, is now on Google Play.

Features? per Google Play:

Play along to recruit dozens of heroes with different skills!

Strategize to create parties based on each hero’s specialty, and seal the Demon once again!

Over 300 stages with various devils and demons await you!
– SECRET CHAMBER: The Ancient Demon is hiding his relic and weapons. Find them all and become the ultimate Chaser!
– ENDLESS CHAMBER: Epic weapons are not the only thing you’ll need. Only an ingenious strategy will save your heroes from being wiped out!

Use trophies obtained from the Demon to craft weapons. Collect over 300 weapons and over 100 epic weapons for your heroes!

Bargain with merchants to sell relic at the highest price.
With successful bargaining, your Chaser will be ready to set on the endless journey!

The game is free with in-app purchases; check out the below:

Nonstop Knight Review

Nonstop Knight Review

Jul 7, 2016

Nonstop Knight is interesting. So much so that diving into it is almost the only option.

The action sequences are the biggest initial draw of this game, and are where the game’s choice of title becomes apparent. It pops off early, continuously and practically in an endless manner.

It features an honorable knight in a leveled environment, tasked with fighting a host of baddies.

Yep. Believe it. It goes like that. Simply. The knight roams from section to section, busting on enemies of numerous types, looking to take out as many as possible while collecting coin. Valuable XP is also earned, and potentially other goodies as well. It is just a continuous wave of battles and leveling all on its own.nk3

It goes on and on. Enjoyably so.

The player can (and probably should) use the goodies collected to improve a host of things. The weapons have to be continually upgraded to deal with the hordes that become more sophisticated with every round. One cool aspect is the way the has the bosses set out; the player can choose when to take them on; if one is successful, the game goes on. If one is beaten by a boss, one can keep doing “regular” fighting to shore up coins to make one’s character a bit more effective.

There are also “runestones” that can be collected, and these are related to the “skills” which cover offensive and defensive moves. Runestones are generally a function of leveling up, and there are crates to open up. It runs like a self-operating RPG, and all one has to do is manage it. There is an “ascend”

There are strategies one can employ, especially in the battles. For instance, one can deploy a skill or two in order to make a particular battle go easier.

Looks-wise, it a fun, with bubbly characterizations, engaging sounds and matching animations. Altogether, just the media a game like this needs.

Now, it’s easy to fall in love with the game, but as one goes on, one might feel a bit of monotony set in; it is a lot of the same. Still, for a game that is fairly self-contained and has no real forced need for the available in-app purchases, it rocks.

Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Launches on Google Play

Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Launches on Google Play

Jul 5, 2016

Roadhouse Games has a new game Maiden: Legacy of the Beast which just launched.

Per the press release:

The game is set in a visually stunning universe, comprised of an ever expanding series of worlds derived from Iron Maiden’s music and art. Fans of the band and RPG gamers alike will battle and strategize as Eddie and his allies.

Inspired by themes from the songs, and set against a powerful and atmospheric Maiden soundtrack, players will journey on epic quests to reclaim the shards of Eddie’s shattered soul as he faces his most challenging adversaries.

Roadhouse Interactive chief James Hursthouse is excited. “As a lifelong Maiden fan, I am exceptionally proud of
Legacy of the Beast and excited to launch it globally,” he says. “It has been a privilege to work so closely with Maiden and their management. With this game I believe that we have created an outstanding, authentic RPG experience to appeal to all mobile gamers, including those discovering the band for the first time.”

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Road Racing: Traffic Driving Review

Road Racing: Traffic Driving Review

Jul 5, 2016

There is no such thing at too many road racing games, and as such, checking out Road Racing: Traffic Driving almost seems like a civic responsibility.

The gameplay is mostly intuitive, and worlds like most landed racing games; the player mans a more-or-less basic car, and looks to control it through a maze of vehicle, obstacles and collectible goodies. By way of controls, one can choose between virtual touch buttons or tilt. We settled on the latter option, which worked surprisingly well. Additionally, there’s a virtual brake pedal as well as a virtual gas pedal.

There are leveled races, and one needs to complete tasks. As noted, the vehicles that travel along are obstacles, and there are other structures that provide action. The cars move at divergent speeds, and even change lanes on occasion. There are goodies that can be collected by contact, but one needs to watch out, because these objects are not always in the friendliest of locations.

Doing well yields cash, and game cash can be used to improve one’s vehicle. Improving one’s vehicle almost becomes mandatory as one progresses. More expensive cars have better attributes, but one can look to, say, get better gas mileage on a current vehicle.


Real cash can be used to speed up processes, but doesn’t feel mandatory.

From a connection standpoint, the game feels fairly well-contained. There are ample opportunities to use real cash if one is so inclined, but one can go through without true money with a little bit of patience. The core elements blend well together and are pretty easy to understand, and the player has an over-arching idea: race, improve vehicles, and race some more. The control mechanism feels natural, and providing options in this regard is great.

The familiarity that makes this one easy to get into might also work against it; it isn’t especially groundbreaking, but a lot of that is easy to overlook because of how the developer smartly allows the game to flow into the more advanced precepts makes it worth one’s while to get into.

Global Version of Kingdom Warriors Launches Courtesy of Snail Games

Global Version of Kingdom Warriors Launches Courtesy of Snail Games

Jul 4, 2016

Snail Games has just launched RPG Kingdom Warriors globally.

Here are the game details (per Google Play):

Every sun must set, and every reign must end. The high days of the Han Empire shine no more as war has come to the kingdoms. Heroes from every corner of the land must rally their forces to wrest power and glory from the rising chaos. Heroes will rise, empires will fall. Join the thrilling new classic action MMO epic Kingdom Warriors today and establish your dynasty!


An Epic Story Reimagined

Descend into the chaos of the Three Kingdoms era and discover your destiny in an action-packed classic warfare adventure! Famous personas including the scheming Cao Cao, the fearsome Lv Bu, and the noble Guan Yu take to the battlefield in an epic action MMO experience!

40+ Heroes at your Command

Master the art of war and lead your forces to victory! Collect and manage your army with dozens of classical heroes. Pick your team as you enter the fray in fast-paced action combat, accompanied by your trusted AI-controlled lieutenants to sweep through the battlefield and defeat your enemy!

Manage and Grow your Forces

Grow your arsenal and outfit your allies to become an unstoppable fighting force! Collect and upgrade unique and rare items, and customize your equipment in a strategic RPG adventure! Choose from distinct units to accompany your hero into battle and become the ultimate frontline warrior-commander!

Conquer the Land with Allies

As the empire crumbles, new kingdoms take form. Join together with friends online to establish your new nation in an expansive online multiplayer experience! Team up in PvP and co-op, and join massive battles as the war to shape the future of the land rages on. Experience unprecedented mobile MMO action complete with allies, nemeses, and Guilds!

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Assassin’s Creed Identity Review

Assassin’s Creed Identity Review

May 31, 2016

Assassin’s Creed Identity. Need we say more?

Hey, it’s only one of the more popular game franchises across the board. A new title on Android has a lot to live up to, and rightfully so.

Based on the game pedigree, we do expect topnotch graphics; fortunately, the game mostly delivers, with rich, descriptive looks buttressed with smooth animations and time-appropriate scenery. The game comes to life on screen in landscape, and along with the sounds, the media presentation is fantastic indeed.

Play-wise, the action gets right into it. After a few perfunctory pointers, one is presented with a hands on tutorial which gives an idea of how to use the controls. Movement is performed via virtual joystick (by default), and attacks are selected from a wheel selector. One learns to fight and become comfortable with the tasking and waypoint system, as well as how to use mapping system to figure out how to get to where one wants to go. It feels intuitive, and plays as such.

The control system provides options, which is always a good thing.


As soon as this intro portion is done (as in the missions completed), one is welcomed to the game proper. The whole experience comes to life as an RPG adventure, what with the ability to pick a character, and customize him to a degree. There are different type of assassins with different skill sets, and more that can be unlocked. There are missions to complete, and goodies to attain, and XP helps one progress up the ranks. The game incorporates several elements to make it feel more authentic… stealth mode? Yep.

One great thing is the depth of content. There is a boatload of missions, and the diversity of action does a good job of keeping one engaged. It does get a tad busy at times, and even a bit formulaic, but the overall game is net positive.

Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Jan 20, 2016

Happy Universe is bringing its whimsical tank RPG Panzer Waltz to Google Play.

Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the appearance of mysterious antagonists and set the world right!
Network connection required

★「Epic Ever-Evolving Stories」★
In a world where WWII takes a different direction, Metal Maidens fight mysterious Machine Beasts! You, the commander, experience troublesome setbacks with these naughty girls as you lead them through life!

★「Gorgeous Anime-Style Fantasy」★
Experience the Live2D visual combat system! Over 200 Metal Maidens, with character-voices, to collect and more to come with regular updates! Obtain Maidens through stories, forges, and research. Feed them, equip them, enhance, and promote them! G-Milk will be your only way to quickly reduce their fatigue!

★「Choice-Filled Explosive Strategy」★
Command multiple attack and defense teams… Your strategies are key to obtaining victory. Take out all you have and faceoff in 6V6 combat; fight through scouting, shelling, contact, and more stages! Watch sparks fly through the unbelievable visual combat system!

★「Deep Technology System」★
Metal Maidens have special technology trees; enhance and promote their combat capabilities through upgrades. Develop and upgrade your HQ, Vaults, Mines, Ports, and other Stations; be comprehensive! Upgrade your ammunition, armor, chassis, engine, and more technologies; Unlock the mysteries of it all!

★★ The trumpets of war sound again! Lead your Maidens into Battle! ★★

The game is free (with in-app purchases).

Agent Mega Brings Digger-Style Game ‘Crash Dungeon’ to Google Play

Agent Mega Brings Digger-Style Game ‘Crash Dungeon’ to Google Play

Jan 8, 2016

Crash Dungeon is a new game that just landed on Google Play.

It comes to us from developer Agent Mega, and should appeal to fans of digger gameplay.

Adventure calls! Tap blocks to delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Find treasure chests, powerful monsters and trigger explosive chain reactions!
Reach deeper dungeon levels to unlock weapons and shields of higher level.

Grab all the ore you can to buy better equipment. Will you choose a mighty sword to fight monsters or a powerful mace to crush rocks faster? Don’t forget your shield if you want to stay alive!
A new take on the classic Digger, combining fun and strategic choices.

Collect ingredients on slayed monsters and upgrade your weapons and shields with mighty powers!

Crash Dungeon is available to be played for free, and can be enhanced via in-app purchases.


Templar Battleforce RPG Review

Templar Battleforce RPG Review

Oct 29, 2015

Templar Battleforce RPG is atypical and a bit familiar at the same time. It brings to sci-fi elements, RPG stylings and a strategic turn-based system that one almost has to try.

Backstory isn’t a necessity for me, but this game does a decent job of weaving together a fairly compelling yarn involving space travelers and the heroic fighting force from which the game derives its name.

Visually, is it quite interesting. The imagery touches on the futuristic, with dark themes and fluid movements interspersed with dialogues and cutscenes. It incorporates a top-down view to convey action, and there is a wide variety of visual elements added that help to move things along.

The player becomes a Templar, and rocks a Leviathan battle suit. The Templars are a futuristic race with the memory transferring gift of “templar lineage” which gives them somewhat of an omniscient edge in battle. Said battle suits equate to being 10-ft tall, and the main idea is for these Templars to defend Star Traders.

And so it starts…


The first few series give one a feel for the game. The attack mechanism is fairly easy to pick up, with the range circles and such, and this is key when it comes to taking on the enemy that one goes against. The battling is turn-based; this is a twist that makes strategy all that more important. One also learns that Templars have different specialties, which is also a useful nugget with regards to strategy.

As one gets more comfortable, and understand how to take on invaders like the dastardly Xeno creatures, the leveled gameplay ratchets up the difficulty. One gets to explore different sections and take on different enemies in different types of scenarios. Building a reasonable force is part of the objective, but one of the most compelling aspects is the variety of tactical concepts: capture the flag, puzzle-solving, scouting and more. The game really encomapsses several disciplines, and does so well.

For folks looking for an engaging romp, this one should fit the bill. It tolls the bell between “engaging” and “familiar” quite capably, and is great in small bites or longer sessions.

If being a Templar is where it’s at, $6.99 (30% off intro sale) isn’t too bad of a proposition.