February’s Most Interesting One Game a Month Android Games

February’s Most Interesting One Game a Month Android Games

Mar 6, 2013

The One Game a Month program continues on, with plenty of new submissions for Android platforms.

As we covered in last month’s post, One Game a Month is not about getting a bunch of full new releases every month, but to challenge developers to explore their ideas, and to see how their ideas work out, that could lead to future inspiration down the line. Or even it could lead to some interesting games in the right here and now. Here’s some of the most interesting games from February’s #1GAM submissions:

Rubbertron: Ryan Evans’ January 1GAM title was Cod of Duty, a parody of the Call of Duty series. His February title is a little more challenging. Shoot that most nefarious of enemies, geometric shapes, in this free dual-stick shooter. It was created in Unity, and uploaded to Google Play hours after its completion. Hooray for technology! Ryan Evans’ daughter was so excited for the game’s submission that she peed on him. Now that’s excitement.

Rock Run: From Craftwork Games, this is a puzzler that has players trying to collect all the gems on a grid-based map and exit safely. Seems simple, right? Well, the problem is that there are rocks there too. Lots and lots of rocks. Rocks that are often being held up by dirt that gets cleared away when the player moves. So, the goal is to be smart and to collect the gems and maneuver in such a way that gems aren’t blocked off by falling rocks. It’s surprisingly clever.

Juno Hunter: In this game from Beercave that is inspired by Spy Hunter, the goal is to race through Jupiter, with the ultimate goal being to get high scores, because who doesn’t love high scores.

Spacetime: From Slouch Couch Studios, this is a pretty simple puzzle game, similar to Collapse where tapping on multiple of the same color/shape box will make it disappear. The goal is to not let the screen fill up. This game is not available as a standalone app, but actually as an HTML5 game. Don’t fret, it actually works pretty well. Play it from this link.

War Mages: This is a multiplayer strategy game that takes place on one device. Players summon one of three elementals, with the goal being to kill the other player. Now, the summoned elementals must be given specific commands to navigate the board and attacked before being sent out, and they take time to complete their actions. Forethought is required. This game is best on 7″ and above tablets.