Agent, Run! Looks to launch on Google Play Next Week

Agent, Run! Looks to launch on Google Play Next Week

Nov 4, 2014

We love Indie developers, we love runners, and above all, we like it shaken — not stirred.

On paper, we should really, really love Agent, Run!, which is a new 2D endless runner that looks to put some secret agent intrigue in our lives. Excerpts from the press release:

In Agent, Run!, players take on the role of square-jawed, stylish Agent Robert Robertson in order to defeat the villainous Professor E. Vil and his horrific (and pixel-perfect) “Doomsday Machine”—which has the potential to end the world as we know it.

The game includes all the staples of the Connery-era Bond flicks as obstacles–including shark tanks, irradiated rooms, mustache-equipped bad guys, menacing guard dogs, falling logs . . . you name it :)

Agent, Run! is a fast-paced 2D endless runner with sharp gesture-based controls and a unique look. Swiping the screen allows players to destroy drones, open doors and even freeze sharks (!) The game also includes cool unlockable gadgets such as a Hazmat suit, bazooka, and much more (see Key Features below). Finally, the soundtrack punches above its weight with a sly mix of jazzy beats and ‘60s electric guitar sounds.


* Charming graphics reminiscent of classic James Bond films
* More than 60 missions and 9 different achievements
* 4 levels with randomly-generated challenges:
– Jungle
– Villa
– Basement
– Bunker
* Endless/non-endless modes
* 24 interactive objects
* 8 gadgets:
– Hedge trimmer
– Rope
– Helmet
– Freeze ray
– Zipline
– Jetpack
– Hazmat Suit
– Bazooka
* No ads!
* Online leaderboards (Google Play Game Services, Game Center)
* Agent ranks and cloud saves (Android-only)
* Supports English, German, and Spanish


Agent, Run! is free and comes with Level 1 unlocked. The three remaining levels can be unlocked for $2.99.

We are looking forward to checking it out; as noted, the game will be free with higher levels requiring in-app purchasing to be unlocked. The game will be launched on November 11th.

Friday Android Free App Recap July 27

Friday Android Free App Recap July 27

Jul 27, 2012

This week we are going to look at games where the main character is a stick figure. Many of us suck at drawing so we can all relate to the simplicity of the artwork involved. There are actually way more stick figure games than I thought there would be.

Stick Fighter 2

Fighting games have always done well with the gaming communities. Stick Fighter 2 is a fighting game with some cool attacking moves. Superman-esque attacks, complete with a cape and one arm out and power sliding kicks make attacking the other stick men a blast.

Download Stick Fighter 2

Line Runner

Line Runner was the first stick man game I ever played. The idea is pretty simple; jump over or slide under obstacles. In reality, the fast pace of the game makes these simple actions challenging to say the least. Try to beat personal distance records or play friends online.

Download Line Runner

Stick Speed Runner

Stick Speed Runner has the little stick man jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Starting out the gameplay is pretty slow but increases the farther through the course he makes it. The only real action required is to tap the screen to jump. Believe me, that’s enough to pay attention too as things start to move fast.

Download Stick Speed Runner


Out of this bunch of apps, StickDraw is different because it is a drawing game, not an action game. Create different drawings and animate them. Remember back in the day at school people used to make the little flipbooks with the stick man jumping through the fire ring or over a car? StickDraw is like that but digital.

Download StickDraw

Stick Combat

Stick Combat adds a little more of a meaty body to the characters. There is a good range of motion for the butt-kicking, not just a 2D scrolling game like others. During the battles boxed with potential weapons to enhance the attacks or food to revive energy might be in side. Break them open to see.

Download <Stick Combat

Free Horror Games for Friday the 13th

Free Horror Games for Friday the 13th

Jul 13, 2012

Here we are, another Friday the 13th. I thought it was fitting to show off a few of the horror type games on Google Play, of which there are many. While I am not a huge fan of horror movies, the games are usually super fun. How often does one get to hack and slash up people and things without the fear of jail time?

The games below are a mix of different types ranging from trivia to GPS-based to 3D games. Add in a comment with the best horror game for the best way to spend Friday the 13th.

Mystique Ch1: Foetus

Mystique is the first of the 3 chapter game and also the only free one of the 3. The others will run $2.79 USD each. This game is awesome. Right at the start, the room is a puzzle. Find objects and see if the way out can be found. If not, feel free to hang out with the dead girl’s ghost and the bathtub filled with blood.
Download Mystique Ch1: Foetus


Horror Run!

Horror Run is a bit more cartoony than the other games here, making it a bit more kid-friendly. The basis of the game is to, well, run away to survive. Running through places like a graveyard are to be expected, but collecting treasures along the way takes some of the scary out if the game.
Download Horror Run!


Horror Movie Trivia

For the horror movie buff, a trivia game is a great way to justify all of the time spent in front of the TV and at the movies. Answer questions about classics as well as newer movies. Paying attention to the details can save a life in the movies, see how of that can be remembered now.
Download Horror Movie Trivia

Zombie Run!

Zombie Run! uses the Android’s GPS to pinpoint the location of the phone. Using Google Maps, it turns the area into a zombie infested area which is bad news. Get the heck out of there and avoid the zombies to stay alive. Yes, this means getting off the couch and actually getting out into the world to play.
Download Zombie Run!


Frozen Death

Think air hockey, horror movie style. When some late night hockey goes wrong at the stroke of midnight, it’s survival time instead of fun time. The puck is a saw blade and that’s the tool to kill the bloody hockey mask. I have to admit, this is a unique way to play air hockey.
Download Frozen Death


KickStarter Spotlight: WalkJogRun for Android

KickStarter Spotlight: WalkJogRun for Android

Apr 11, 2012

New Years Eve; the day when most Americans were making promises to change something about their lives, chances are that getting fit was high on most of those lists. But, of course, getting in shape is never as easy as it sounds at 1 am in that crowded bar, and running in place on a treadmill rarely seems like an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Exercising outside is a great idea but still can get repetitive, and venturing off the beaten path can be risky. Another problem is that it is very hard to stay on a regiment. Sure anyone can stick to a plan for a few days, but it is incredibly difficult to stay dedicated to a training plan without some outside help. Enter WalkJogRun, who have launched a Kickstarter to help develop an Android app for their service. For those who are unfamiliar, WalkJogRun is a great online tool that is most simply defined as a pin board for joggers and runners to post their favorite running routes for others to view and try out.

Not a jogger? Don’t worry, WalkJogRun also is accessible for those who just want to take a nice relaxing walk around town. The routes on WalkJogRun vary from simple 1 mile jaunts to 13.1 and 26.2 mile marathons and are categorized as walks, jogs, runs, or even rides for bikers. Included in the mobile app is WalkJogRun’s extensive database of personal training plans, which are customizable and range from simple workout routines to full marathon training programs. But for me, I find that WalkJogRun shines the brightest for those runners who constantly travel. Waking up in a town that is unfamiliar makes it daunting to go and get a morning jog in, but for those with the WalkJogRun app there is no guessing or uncertainty. WalkJogRun allows users to pull up specific routes recommend by the people who know those cities the best.

Seeing as this is a small company trying to make the leap from iOS to Android, the use of KickStarter is a necessity, and like all the KickStarter projects we feature here I strongly recommend that anyone interested shouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand. Who knows, maybe a few New Years from now, getting in shape will seem more appealing.

Pig Rush Review

Pig Rush Review

Dec 9, 2011

I love pigs. It’s hard to explain why, it’s been the case for a long time. But it’s certainly a big part of why I decided to try out Pig Rush. It also seemed like one of those easy pick-up and put-down games that I like so much for my commute. And long story short that is exactly what it is. But this isn’t meant to be a short story, so:

Pig Rush is a side-scrolling platform jumping game. Except that the platforms are all at the same level, with the variation being the distance between them, which changes at intervals. The pig (which begins by being named Jumpy, but you have the option of renaming him) is an adorable little guy who just seems to like running. He trots along briskly at an even clip with no signs of slowing down, and it’s up to you to make sure that he doesn’t fall down into a ravine. The landscape is cartoonishly pastoral, with little fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky. Jumpy passes by little red barns and apple trees, flowers and picket fences. The only alarming thing about the world is that it is all hovering high in the sky with nothing supporting it. There are bees chilling out in the air above the platforms, and jumping into them earns point bonuses. Jumpy also has a few obstacles in the way of fires set along the way, but he can ward these off by jumping into and claiming a fireman’s hat, which must apparently be made of asbestos. And finally, a game about a pig would not be complete without a set of wings for him to earn, and become a flying pig. The wings can give you sustained, but not indefinite flight, and bring to mind the Tanuki suit from Mario 3.

The game’s largest draw is honestly the graphics: the designers have combined dimensions in a visually interesting way. Jumpy the pig, the trees and bees, are all 2D, but exist on the land platforms which are 3D. It’s almost a big confusing to look at, but still quite impressive. The music is also nice, with an almost Latin quality. It certainly sounds like the music of a pig running quickly.

The downside of the 3D graphics is that the game can lag quite a bit while rendering the background. This becomes a large issue quickly as it is a quick game that relies on the accuracy of your timing. A micro-second pause can mean a fall into a ravine and the end of your turn. This is compounded by the fact that ever death means that you go back to Level 1. There is the possibility of earning continues, but it comes at the cost of downloading additional programs. And the game itself suffers after time being being repetitive. I was intrigued when I first loaded it up because I was shown an assortment of variations of the theme (run as the Easter Bunny, or as a reindeer), but these side games can only be unlocked by earning a depressingly large number of points in the main game. I just don’t feel motivated to play so much of this game that I can unlock another version of the same thing and keep playing.

And this may seem like a random aside, but I was quite a bit disconcerted by some of the ads that run across the menu. I have no issue with a free app using ads to generate some revenue, but it’s a little strange that a game ostensibly aimed at young people is running ads for Mexican obesity clinics. I don’t know if it’s worse if no one is screening the ads, or if they are and that was allowed to pass.