Strava Improves User Safety with New Beacon Feature

Strava Improves User Safety with New Beacon Feature

Aug 4, 2016

Strava, the fitness social network which allows folks to make and maintain connections while working on being healthier, is adding an interesting feature which should allow its users to feel safer.

Named “Beacon,” the new feature is available for Premium subscribers, and allows users to share location information with select contacts.

Directly from the informational:

Beacon is an easy-to-use in-app experience. Athletes can access and set up this feature via the new Beacon icon on the record screen. After enabling Beacon, athletes can select up to three safety contacts, who will receive a text message with a unique URL when the activity begins. Safety contacts can click the URL to track the athlete on a map in real time, as well as view the athlete’s remaining battery power. Contacts do not need a Strava account to view real-time information. Beacon also saves contact settings, allowing athletes to use Beacon during future activities with one tap.

Strava Product Chief Aaron Forth talks about the value of the new feature. “Every athlete wants to be safe, and we felt we could help,” he says. “We’re so proud to introduce Beacon, not only because our community and their loved ones have been asking for it, but also because Beacon adds a new dimension to Strava Premium. Whether you are training regularly, commuting back and forth, or heading out for the occasional workout, all types of athletes will find Beacon valuable.”

Strava remains free on Google Play; the premium subset can be unlocked from within.


KickStarter Spotlight: tōd

KickStarter Spotlight: tōd

May 16, 2012

Living with young children can be a nightmare in public. Most parents have that never-ending fear of turning around and seeing their child has vanished, and unfortunately as these children mature there is a second wave of worries; like what time did little Johnny come back home last night? There are plenty of creepy parent/child tracking devices available, but there are none that are intrinsically simple and come with multiple applications. Enter tōd, pronounced “toad”, a small Bluetooth 4.0 beacon that has a wide array of functionality which is not limited to merely tracking teenagers. The tōd app can be programmed to alert the user when a beacon has wandered outside of a specified range, when a phone arrives in a beacon’s range, or trigger a specified action once a beacon is sensed.

Beacons are designed to be both a permanent resident and something mobile. For example, by keeping a beacon in the car, texting can be automatically disabled from the moment the driver gets inside. Placing a tōd on a young one ensures that the moment they should happen to wander away out of a specified zone the parents will be instantly alerted. The possibilities are endless, and with a promised simple and intuitive app layout, designing custom commands and responses should be a snap. Imagine ending the headache of waiting up for a teenager by simply placing a tōd inside the front door; ensuring that their nighttime arrival is noted for later discussion.

The uses for tōd extend well beyond just personal and family use. Like most apps, social integration is a big goal, and the plan is to have vendors and stores offer promotional deals that are discovered whenever a tōd user walks into their shop. The KickStarter page offers a list of great uses for tōd including reminding a child to do their chores when they arrive home from school, finding a car in a parking lot, automatic social networking check-ins, and even delivering reminders if someone has a gift card to the store they are entering.

As of writing this, tōd has 17 days left and it’s very close to its goal. So, for anyone finding these possibilities exciting be sure to give tōd a look and possibly help push it all the way over the finish line.

Avoid Temptation With ZoomSafer Beta For Android

Avoid Temptation With ZoomSafer Beta For Android

Jan 6, 2011

It’s no secret that driving while distracted can have lethal consequences and it seems our beloved smartphones have aided in the recent influx of motor vehicle accidents. There is a huge campaign going on right now about the dangers of texting while driving and some states have enacted bans against the practice (well fines for the offense). In fact AT&T recently created a compelling video documenting the personal stories and consequences of texting while driving. If you haven’t seen the video, I strongly recommend you head over to the Happy New Year post and watch it.