Sand Slides Review

Sand Slides Review

Jan 24, 2013

Sand Slides is an interesting puzzle game from Logik State that pits quick thinking against a game engine that challenges the player to use that skill in an adaptive way.

I tend to love games based off of simple concepts. Sand Slides mostly accomplishes that, and incorporates simple controls to spur gameplay. It consists of three troughs, that, at any given time, produced multiple colors, alternating colors as the game went on. Underneath these were three receptacles that the colored sands were to be collected in. These did not change location.

Now, the basic premise is that I had to direct the sand into the matching receptacle. When one of the toughs filled with, say, red sand, I had to direct the red sand into the red receptacle. To this, I could make use of finger-generated ladders to direct the sand to troughs that were not directly beneath the trough in question. I could also make a “U” which served as a bucket to trap the sand and prevented it from falling into the wrong-colored receptacle; I lost life when this happened. And, oh, the troughs had a set time before they self-emptied, and refilled, usually with sand of another color. Diluted sand automatically and logically hurt my longevity.

In essence, it was a colorful solution-finding game that made me think of air traffic control: direct, pause, move on, re-direct, hasten, slow down, etc. I scored points for getting grains to the right receptacle.There were three modes: Marathon, Challenge and Practice. there were also varying levels of difficulty.

The game had an idyllic background, with simple music and such. It kept track of achievements, and was slim on the options (like volume). I especially loved that the developer did not scrimp on the full-fledged tutorial; I wish more developers would do the very same thing.

All in all, I liked the game, and found a lot of fun trying it out.