Theme Thursday – Underwater

Theme Thursday – Underwater

Jun 23, 2011

Has anyone ever accused you of being a little wet behind the ears? Well, now you can tell them that’s just your phone, thanks to this week’s theme for ADW Launcher. (Editor’s Note: If you actually are wet behind the ears, this theme will not provide a good excuse.) If you like aquariums or just want to send the Android a ticket straight to Davy Jones’ locker where he can sleep with the fishes, prepare to dive! We’re going Underwater.

Underwater is a custom theme for ADW Launcher, a home replacement application that allows you to customize wallpapers, docks, icons and many other elements of Android’s graphical user interface. By installing custom themes, you can quickly and easily change how your phone looks and operates with just a few tweaks in the settings menu.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s what you’ll be getting with Underwater:
4 custom wallpapers featuring colorful scenes of aquatic life including fish, turtles and other sea creatures. There’s even an octopus’ garden in the shade!
A custom clock, so you’ll know when it’s time to come up for air.
A custom icon pack featuring many of your phone’s application icons decked out in underwater designs. They’ll look right at home at the sandy bottom of the ocean.

Whether you’ve always wanted to live the life aquatic or you just want to take a trip of about 20,00 leagues or so, this theme is sure to prove that life really is hotter under the water. And the best part? No hipster mermaids, no pineapples and no tanks to clean; it’s just you and the briny, deep, blue sea.

If this is the kind of buried treasure you’re after, leave the submarine at home and the diving suit in the closet, because you can easily find Underwater in the Android Market for US$1.85. You don’t even have to get your feet wet.