Scoops Review

Scoops Review

Nov 27, 2013

Scoops is a fun game from NimbleBit in the same vein as Sky Burger.

This isn’t one of those newfangled hi-def games with plenty of elements and overly involved backstory; no, the charm of this one is that there’s little need for a tutorial or trial runs. The gameplay starts with an ice cream cone at the bottom of the playing area. Said cone can be controlled by tilting the device to the left or right. From the top are food items — mostly globs of perfectly sculpted ice cream — and these fall down vertically from different points at the “top.” The goal of the game is to guide the ice cream cone underneath the falling scoops so as to gather as many scoops as possible, to build the tallest ice cream structure possible.

Moving the cone successfully is not as simple, as some of the laws of physics are adhered to. As the cone gets taller, it just “feels” harder to handle, with the cone visibly swaying, and the top of the stack struggles to follow the cone that has been moved over. The cone never tips over, but it gets to a point where only the quickest of movements will ensure that the stack gets there in time, especially since reaction time is cut down by the shorter distance created scoops4by the rising stack. Getting the scoops earns points; getting the same color in succession boosts those points and some scoops have special attributes.

There are enemies in this game, and they are the same enemies of ice cream lovers the world over: vegetables. Different type of vegetables drop without warning from the top. Sometimes, it’s actually hard to avoid picking them up. Collecting too many ends the run.

The game graphics are simple, and do what they need to do with little fanfare. A little bit more sophistication in the gameplay might suit older players, and I think it could have more pop visually.

It’s not a game that taxes the mind too much, and that can be good and bad depending on the person. It’s a great time waster though, and probably not something to embark upon while undergoing cravings for cold confectioneries.