KickStarter Spotlight: High Score 3

KickStarter Spotlight: High Score 3

Mar 28, 2012

I have been a big fan of the High Score books ever since I started playing video games. For anyone who doesn’t know, High Score is a coffee table illustrated book by Rusel DeMaria that reviews the history of video games from the very beginning. The aspect that most struck me about DeMaria’s books was the plethora of images and graphics that never got to the point of being overused. His books take the reader on a very enjoyable yet informational journey through one of the most popular and quickly evolving artistic mediums.

The problem, of course, with the breakneck speed of the evolution of video games is that a book is almost instantly outdated as soon as it is published. So books like DeMaria’s need to be updated every couple of years to stay current, but it is hard to keep a publisher for an extend amount of time when the sales pitch is that this book will be instantly obsolete. Recently securing a new publisher, DeMaria is devoting a full 3-4 months of his time to work on this book. Costs not only include his own personal expenses but travel for interviews and the complicated excursion of securing photo rights. The High Score series has not been updated since the beginning of the millennia, and just think of all the change that has occurred in just these last twelve years.

For perspective, in the year 2000 the PS2 was released as well as The Sims, Diablo 2, Escape from Monkey Island, and the second Tony Hawk Pro Skater. That gap of time could easily fit in its own coffee table book which leaves DeMaria with a hard enough task on his time without reworking and updating the previous 30-some years of video game lore.

A sort of brutal but necessary aspect of KickStarter is that if a project does not reach its target amount, that project does not get funded at all. As of writing this, Russel is just over $2,000 short of his $25,000 goal with just a week remaining. Editor’s Note: It appears that the Kickstarter project has reached its funding as of publication! It would be a total shame if this project went unfunded because High Score is an amazing book and is commanded by such an ambitious and dedicated man.