PlayUp Brings Sports Fans From All Over The Globe Together

PlayUp Brings Sports Fans From All Over The Globe Together

May 3, 2012

PlayUp has launched their app for following live sporting events and socializing with other fans on Android.

The app has an international flavor to it, as it covers leagues from all across the globe. Baseball fan and want to see what’s happening in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball? This app has live scores available from that league. The app will show updates and offer live chat with other fans of the Japanese league. As well, there’s live scores for international soccer leagues (including Turkey’s Süper Lig), cricket, Australian rules football, rugby, hockey, American football, and basketball, which is currently in the playoffs in the US. Live events are given display priority.

Once viewing a game, it’s possible to chat with other fans using the app, and to create private hangouts to chat with just specific people. The app attempts to bring a social experience to a category of app that has generally been used only for one-way checking of information. PlayUp is available now for free from Google Play.

Are You Watching This? Brings New Ways to Watch and Follow Sports

Are You Watching This? Brings New Ways to Watch and Follow Sports

Dec 30, 2011

Sports have exploded in popularity the past decade, bolstered in part by expanding cable and satellite lineups that allow no atheltic competion in any quasi-relevant sport to go unseen by someone on their couch. However, with all these channels, finding games on TV is extremely difficult, if not impossible – what channel is Fox College Sports Central, anyway? 648, I think? How should I know? And what if there’s some game on that’s more interesting? I wish there was an app to help find those games right away, and alert me when exciting games were on?

As it would be a boring article if there wasn’t a potential answer to these rhetorical questions, “Are You Watching This?” is the potential answer. The app tracks and rates live sporting events based on their watchability – more important and hotly-contested matchups are rated higher, for example. Games are rated from OK to Good to Hot to Epic for those truly exciting matchups. For example, the Epic rating was saved for the Florida-Rutgers men’s college basketball game that went into double overtime. The Mavericks-Thunder basketball game that ended with a game-winning 3-pointer from Kevin Durant was Hot, as was the Baylor-Washington college football game that was the end of defensive football.

The app can send alerts for games that are Good, Hot, and/or Epic. As well, it can be set to only send alerts for certain sports, only games that are on the selected TV provider, and even for just the user-selected favorite teams.

Possibly the most unique feature of the app is the ability to actually change channels based on the selected game. This requires either a Google TV, DirecTV, or Tivo box at the moment, but by swiping through games, the app can automatically cause the selected TV to switch to that game directly.

This is a useful app for keeping up with the latest scores, to find watchable live events, and for those with supported technology, to easily watch those games. Are You Watching This? is available for free from the Android Market.

Footy Live Scores App Review

Footy Live Scores App Review

Dec 15, 2011

If you’re a big fan of soccer overseas (hereby referred to as football) it can be hard keeping up with your favorite team or league due to the lack of media coverage stateside. There are a multitude of apps for following foreign football but Footy Live Scores (FLS) is one of the best. The first thing I noticed opening up FLS was the insane amount of leagues represented here. If anyone is a fan of the Kazakhstan Premier League, this is the app for you. Like most apps you have the option to select your favorite teams but it’s a nice touch that when opening FLS these teams are displayed on the splash screen.

The main scoreboard screen can be overwhelming at first and the ads are sometimes distracting, but once you get your sea legs this app becomes very impressive. As its name suggests, Footy Live Soccer shows a live scoreboard of all football games being played that day. After selecting a game to follow, FLS will send you notifications on any event you want: goals, yellow and red cards, half/full time, and a few others. These notifications sound with a very appropriate and thankfully, optional, whistle blow. Two small gripes with the notifications are that some of the options seem repetitive and notifications stack on top of each other, meaning that leaving an area with no coverage might subject you to a barrage of whistles as updates flood in.

A downside about this app is that there is no analysis like you would find with the ESPN ScoreCenter App, but there are everything else you would expect including standing for leagues and tournaments. Also, compared to ESPN’s ScoreCenter, Footy Live Scoring is quicker, contains more leagues, and delivers more reliable notifications. So if you’re a football fan who follows multiple teams and has trouble keeping up with all of them, I highly recommend downloading Footy Live Scoring.