Raiden Legacy Review

Raiden Legacy Review

Mar 6, 2013

I was right.

Forgive me for the self-adulation, but retro is back. Don’t believe me? How else is the reemergence of Raiden explained?

Raiden Legacy took me way, way back… to arcades and early game console systems and boxy TV sets. For the gaming old heads like me, Raiden is close to the Gaming Grail. It was an early, popular (eventual) four-part arcade scrolling shooter that combined earth invasion, unified world governments and super weapons that were deployed to save the human race. It was glorious.

In this Android port, the story was the same. The villainous Cranassians have plans to take over the planet by first ridding themselves of its human inhabitants. The united defenders use Raiden, a super jet as the core defender, and a powerful jet it is. In this scrolling game, my job was to use a finger to guide jet in its sorties, destroying enemy infantry and air power, while avoiding enemy fire and picking up floating goodies like power-ups on the way.

Gameplay came in three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. There were also three modes: Arcade, Mission and Training.

In Mission, I could get into previously unlocked levels, while Arcade was created to play like the original series. Training, obviously, allowed me to hone my skills. The actual gameplay was fun, with the action starting hot and heavy. Avoiding enemy fire gradually got hire, and the game engine did a good job of mixing things up by combining ground attacks with air attacks. I liked that I could toggle firing mode on or off, and the floating bonuses made it more challenging. The weapons were varied, and the bosses meant business.

Graphically, the design mimicked the original faithfully, allowing for me to enjoy the game as it was designed, with matching music. I liked the online leaderboards (Scoreloop functionality), un-lockable achievements and the choice of touch control methods.

I liked Raiden Legacy, but I admit to have a long-standing bias. Those who try it probably will develop it too.