Tales of Honor: Secret Fleet Review

Tales of Honor: Secret Fleet Review

Jun 3, 2014

Tales of Honor: Secret Fleet is a cool new space combat game based on a series of novels of the same name. Reading the novels is not required to enjoy the exciting combat in game however.

Tales of Honor casts the player as the replacement captain of a heavily damaged destroyer. With most of the crew dead and some weapons crippled, there is little choice but for the ship to make its escape through a previously uncharted wormhole. From there, it’s a journey to restore the ship and find out who attacked you so the favour can be repaid.

Tales of Honor has a decent story and there’s plenty of dialogue but it’s all very businesslike. What dialogue there is is good enough, but since the game is based on a book some meaty story sequences would be nice.

Screenshot_2014-06-01-16-02-35Battle is a stately, deliberate affair which is all about predicting your opponent’s actions and countering them effectively. Both ships fire at a rate depending on their missile tech and upgrades and incoming fire can be stopped with both laser defenses and counter missile missiles. The enemy often has counter measures as well, so using the right kind of missiles to strip away their shields and defenses before blowing them apart and timing the use of your own defenses is key. The combat is exciting and fun to play and the sheer coolness of laser based point defenses and huge salvos of missiles slamming into ships makes the game hard to put down.

Each part of the ship such as weapons and engineering can be upgraded with the addition of modules, which provide various boosts such as reloading missiles faster or quicker repair of damaged systems.

Defeating enemies earns the player metal and plasma which are used to conduct upgrades, train staff and buy new items. New items are often gained from combat as well.

Tales of Honor: Secret Fleet has a lot of text. While it is playable on a phone a tablet will likely provide a much more pleasurable experience because of the amount of text in game.

Screenshot_2014-06-01-14-58-46The game has plenty of timers which can be frustrating. There are timers for installing parts, timers for training crew and playing missions are limited by warp chargers. This is a lot of limitations. Upgrading items is central to getting anywhere in the game so prepare for plenty of waiting.

Tales of Honor looks fantastic. Ships are super detailed and weapons look just how you’d hope. The slow dance of space combat feels very real and some great looking planets and nebulae really give the game a great look. Tales of Honor does space justice. The sound is well done too with plenty of boomy combat sounds and all the beeps and boops of ship interfaces you’d expect.

Tales of Honor is an excellent game for the price of nothing. It has a few annoying timers but there’s some fun gameplay on offer here and a unique gameplay experience to get your teeth into. Worth a very close look.