Sector Strike Review

Sector Strike Review

Dec 11, 2012

Sector Strike is a space shooter that touches the future, with weapons and enemies to match. This delightful slide scroller comes in from Clapfoot, which means the bar is high; Clapfoot tends to push out visually appealing titles, so I was a little eager going in.

The graphics were bright and inviting, with a standard metallic track. The developer did a good job with the animations, making the ships look less like cartoons and somewhat like menacing agents of destruction. Controls were basically my index finger.

As for the gameplay, it started hot and heavy, with enemy spacecraft coming right at me from my right. The waves were varied, with straight lines and staggered sets. Of crucial concern were the unexpected diving sorties, which caused havoc, as the enemy craft destroyed me on contact (in addition to the enemy fire). The enemy fire was sneaky; I was caught more than once by a slow projectile while being distracted by the kamikaze drones. My ship did react well to my finger, so quick reflexes helped with success.

Shooting the enemy craft sometimes left power-ups, and these power-ups were to be coveted. Going from basic fire to torpedoes, for instance, was a nice enhancements (the game boasts twenty of such enhancements). I also liked the shields, as they did extend my flying runs. Taking risks had pros and associated disadvantages: the goodies left behind sometimes tempted me to fly forward to retrieve, but that was dangerous, as ships flying in from off-screen were hard to react to. Such on-the-fly decision-making is what makes this game fun. The in-app store accepted coins and/or real cash.

Progress was based on leveling up, mostly accomplished by kills, so avoiding enemy craft was not necessarily always the best strategy.

Socially, the game offered sharing with Facebook, Twitter and G+, which is good, because this is goodness some people might like to share.