Seidio Dilex Combo Case Hardware Review

Seidio Dilex Combo Case Hardware Review

May 23, 2014

I like to think that protecting mobile devices is serious business. Further to that, finding the delicate balance between functionality, bulk and appearance can be daunting.

Seidio has been making cases for a while, and its expertise goes across manufacturers, platforms and even device form factors. We had an opportunity to review its Dilex 3-piece Combo Case, and it was a fun endeavor.

The review samples arrived in the telltale red Seidio boxes; the first had the Dilex case pieces, and the second contained the holster. The samples were black (Seidio also offers white, brown, purple, blue and red); it actually comes in two interlocking segments, each lined on the inside with black felt that completes the hard polymer the pieces are made out of. The upper (bigger) portion has the camera cut-outs, while the smaller portion has a light metal kickstand. d2

The aforementioned holster has a fairly minimalist design, with a spring release mechanism at the top, and edged corners and sides. It too is made of hard plastic, with a clip on the back.

In action, the two case pieces fit perfectly on the HTC One M8 they were wade for, with a groove system that lets them lock into place. It creates a gapless system, with little added bulk, and openings for buttons, audio jack, charging port, cameras and mics were well-placed.

Fitting the cased phone into the holster was just as seamless. The system provides a front-facing system, so the phone is subject to another layer of protection, because in the case of a drop, the back (cased) portion of the phone is exposed. The pieces all feel secure when used together, and even rigorous shaking doesn’t dislodge the cased device. As an aside, the holster also works with other thin cases, even though it is no officially rated for them, albeit with a much more relaxed fit.

I wasn’t a big fan of the release mechanism, convenient as it is; it just feels that a lot of use might test its longevity. Besides that, the Dilex works well as a protective option that doesn’t look like Medusa. The added benefit of being able to use the two main component segments more or less on their own adds value to the overall package.

The Dilex Combo can be obtained via Amazon for $47.08.