Theme Thursday – Elite HD

Theme Thursday – Elite HD

Sep 1, 2011

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about this week’s theme that makes it worthy of the title “elite.” Is it the stitched leather wallpaper? The abstract colored wallpapers? The gradients used in the folder backgrounds? The custom docks? Or is it the more than 1000 icons that are available for your apps? I honestly don’t know what makes it elite, but that is a lot of icons.

Elite HD is a theme for ADW Launcher, a highly customizable home screen replacement utility that gives you the ability to completely revamp your Android device’s graphical user interface. You can quickly and easily choose custom icons, wallpapers and docks. You can even mix and match, using elements from any number of themes installed on your Android device. There’s no limit to what you can do and how radically you can alter your phone’s look.

The semi-transparent look and the minimal color scheme of Elite HD’s icon set allow for a tasteful touch to your Android device’s user interface. They look almost as if they would fit in with just about any background you could choose — assuming it isn’t too lightly colored. That’s the one caveat with this icon set. Under the right conditions, it looks to be infinitely reusable. However, against the wrong background, the icons might be a bit hard to see. Something to consider.

The sheer number of icons available is staggering, and really makes you wonder which apps could have possibly been missed. Then again, with more than 250,000 apps to choose from in the Android Market, I would have to assume it’s possible that someone out there will be upset that there isn’t an icon for his or her favorite app. Thankfully, the author of this theme mentions that there are more icons on the way!

Elite HD is available on the Android Market for US$0.99.