PAX East 2011 Rundown

PAX East 2011 Rundown

Mar 13, 2011

Greetings from Boston! I’m here attending the Eastern Penny Arcade Expo on the lookout for new and upcoming Android games. The good news is, I might have found a few.

I had some hands-on time with Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack from Be-Rad Entertainment. Be-Rad Entertainment is known for the iOS game Lame Castle and were asked to work on a Serious Sam game by publisher Devolver Digital.

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack features an interesting twist: Rather than playing as the series’ hero, Serious Sam, you play as one of the screaming, headless, kamikaze bombers. (Yes, screaming, despite being headless.) Kamikaze Attack is an auto-runner style of game where you jump and kick incoming bombs and rockets in attempt to take down Sam, himself.

I talked with the developer, Bradley Johnson, who told me that the game, developed using Unity, is coming to Android. We also discussed new modes of play and the inclusion of OpenFeint.

I really enjoyed playing Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack and will be following its development to keep you all updated.

Another game I looked at is Machine Gun Jetpack from Halfbrick.

Halfbrick are known for Fruit Ninja on Android, as well as their other outings for iOS devices and Raskulls for Xbox Live Arcade.

Machine Gun Jetpack features Barry Steakfries in another adventure. This time, in an auto-runner style game with a machine gun that functions like a jetpack. The longer you touch the screen, the higher Barry will go.

You’ll have to dodge obstacles, take out enemies and collect coins to spend on in-game items like top-hats, double-shields and more! You’ll also come across vehicle pick-ups such as a gravity suit, a giant mech suit and the “Crazy Freaking Teleporter.”

The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, but offers plenty of extras to keep it different from similar games in the same genre.

I spoke with Phil Larsen, Marketing Director for Halfbrick, about the possibility of Machine Gun Jetpack also coming to Android. He told me that, currently, their focus is on getting the game running properly on iOS before they can get to porting it. Still, a slim chance is better than no chance at all.

While the presence of Android is barely felt here at Penny Arcade Expo, keep in mind that iOS games are almost just as rare. Things can only get better, however, especially as Android devices continue to grow in popularity. As for me, it’s only Day 2 here at PAX, and I have plenty more games to see.