Freaky Friday – Sex Positions Animated

Freaky Friday – Sex Positions Animated

Sep 9, 2011

The line between making an awesome app and just pushing junk to get your name as a developer out there is thin, but it does exist. The app for today is a clear illustration in spending time that could be used building the next great app, and throwing it out the window in hopes that sex will sell.

Today we look, and not very long either, at an app to help nerds in their parents’ basements learn the miracles of sex. Sex Positions Animated is a free app that claims it has over 100 different positions, all with instructions on how to perform said act. Heck, there is even a rating system so you can five star the best ones. Where things get a bit scary is that users can comment on positions and read what others have to say as well. Why would you want to read about other sexually frustrated users’ failures?

There are two things fundamentally wrong with this app, and there is more, but let us focus on the two glaring issues. Nothing is going to kill “the mood” like having to put things on hold while you dig out your phone, direct your partner into some new position that only a yoga master could finagle into, and then “get it on.” You’d most likely get slapped in the face, shoved out the door, and never welcomed back to give said position a true rating. Second, anyone who is really needing this kind of information has already Googled it.

The only saving grace this has, and it is minor, is that you can develop your game plan while on a train heading to pick up your date, or as study material while you pass the time while getting your oil changed.

Listen kids, do your homework before you take the field. Nothing screams “I don’t know what I’m doing!” quite like having to turn to your phone for advice. Just don’t do it. It is not cool! As far as pictures of the app go…do you really need (or want, for that matter) to see those?