OpenFeint Launches for Android – Lots of Great Games Announced

OpenFeint Launches for Android – Lots of Great Games Announced

Sep 15, 2010

OpenFeint announced today that their social gaming network SDK has been released for Android developers. They have also announced some heavy hitting iPhone games that have been ported to Android and will be out this month. In addition, they will be working with game developers to help promote the best games that utilize their SDK both to consumers and to carriers.

OpenFeint is the leader in social gaming networks for the iOS platform with over 28 million users. They hope to bring this kind of success to the Android platform by releasing their SDK at the same time as a slew of iOS games that support OpenFeint are ported over. Time will tell if it will take off on Android like it has on iOS, but the launch is really strong.

Some of the games we can expect to see on Android in the next month include MiniSquadron, Face Fighter Gold, Fruit Ninja, and Solipskier. All fantastic games that will be great to have on Android.

One of the more significant parts of the announcement is the game promotional aspect. OpenFeint will be working with carriers to feature games on carrier decks. This will help increase exposure for some smaller, yet really great games that the carriers normally wouldn’t be interested in dealing with.

Hit the jump for the full press release with details and a full list of games we can expect over the next month.