Theme Thursday – Blazing Chrome

Theme Thursday – Blazing Chrome

Jun 2, 2011

After featuring some wild and colorful themes over the past few weeks, I thought about delving into a calmer, more minimalist theme this week. What I came up with was Blazing Chrome.

Blazing Chrome is another theme for ADW Launcher, an easily customizable home replacement for Android. Wallpapers, docks, icons and number of home screens are all available for you to shape and mold however you see fit, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by downloading a theme from the Android Market and installing it.

Blazing Chrome takes things down a few notches in its icon design, featuring a basic shape and color scheme with a bezel that adds a slight 3D look, helping them “pop.” Easily recognizable graphics adorn each icon, letting you know its function at a glance. What’s more, it retains much of the icons’ original look. Rather than learn a whole new scheme, you can find the icon you’re looking for right away.

As simple and basic as the icon designs are, however, the wallpapers are a stark contrast. Featuring some flashy graphics in shades of grey with red accents, they are anything but minimal. Some are striking and bold, even tending to overpower the icons, which you might not want.

The great thing about ADW Launcher is that, if you don’t like the wallpapers, you can swap them out for something else. Or, keep the wallpapers and choose different icons. The choice is completely up to you. The theme manager makes it simple and easy to do.

If you found the horde of zombies in last week’s theme, Undead Android, to be a bit too grotesque, see if Blazing Chrome isn’t more your style. It’s available on the Android Market for US$1.35.