New Networking App Qwikword Looks to Give Instagram a Run for its Money

New Networking App Qwikword Looks to Give Instagram a Run for its Money

May 18, 2015

Qwikword is a image sharing application that allows users to react to and engage with uploaded pictures — via a single word.

People today are overwhelmed by opportunities to connect with the world around them. But what if an app could instantly capture our most engaging expressions through just one word? That’s the power of Qwikword. Through Qwikword, people can upload an image and immediately see the responses in the form of just one word or share their own word on other people’s images. The experience allows people to interact with favorite subjects from art to fashion to food to nature to technology. In a sea of social and mobile offerings, Qwikword gives users a chance to truly express themselves in a quick and meaningful way.

Qwikword is available for free on the Play Store

Netflix for Android Gets Update

Netflix for Android Gets Update

Dec 13, 2014

Popular streaming entertainment app Netflix is getting an update that is currently rolling out.

According to the Google Play app page, the new build brings the ability to recomment content to Facebook friends when using the app on a smartphone.

Netflix remains free for subscribers to the streaming service.

MyDigipack is a Free App That Synchronizes Photos Across Any Devices

MyDigipack is a Free App That Synchronizes Photos Across Any Devices

Jul 1, 2014

MyDigipack 3

If you have a Blackberry phone with some important photos you don’t want to throw away (unlike the Blackberry), then MyDigipack is a cloud-sharing service for you. It can synchronize photos across Android, iOS, Windows, and yes, even Blackberry devices. It supports lots of sizes and file formats, so your photos will be saved, whatever their source is. The app can be downloaded from here: MyDigipack on Google Play.

Share Your Weather And Your Mood With Sunnycomb

Share Your Weather And Your Mood With Sunnycomb

May 6, 2014

Sunnycomb 2

Sunnycomb is an unusual combination of a world-wide crowd-sourced weather station and a social platform. Basically, you can post your weather, link a photo to it, and write a comment, and then other people can see it and comment on it themselves. Android app has just recently been released, and is available here: Sunnycomb on Google Play.

Never Forget A Thing With Floaty Notes For Android

Never Forget A Thing With Floaty Notes For Android

Oct 4, 2013

Floaty Notes Free 1

Floaty Notes is a simple, yet helpful application that helps keep track of things to do, like a digital organizer. Its primary feature is that it also acts as a sharing platform, allowing its user to synchronize everything stored inside, across many devices, and acting as a group organizer. Floaty Notes can be downloaded from here: Floaty Notes on Google Play.

Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jun 17, 2013

Jongla, a free messaging service for mobile devices, is trying to make mobile messaging more cross-platform and more dynamic with more media options. The app, recently updated on Android, allows for users who register with their phone (sorry tablet users, the app isn’t supported yet) to send messages to other users of Jongla, be they on iOS, the upcoming Windows Phone version, or most interestingly, on the web. Jongla features an HTML5 client that lets its users read and send their messages from any web browser. Take that, iMessage!

Jongla’s newest feature is the ability to easily share YouTube videos from within the app. Tapping the + icon to share media now features a YouTube option. This pulls up a mobile web view for YouTube’s site, which then makes it easy to search for videos, or to check out the top videos featured on YouTube’s front page. Then, tap the send arrow, and a link to the video will be added to the message to be sent to your contact. Simple as that.

Jongla is available for free from Google Play.

Vine Finally Makes Its Way to Android: Here’s What You Need to Know to Vine Like a Pro

Vine Finally Makes Its Way to Android: Here’s What You Need to Know to Vine Like a Pro

Jun 4, 2013

Finally, Vine has come to Android! The Twitter-owned video creation service that launched on iOS last year is now on Android 4.x devices.

Vines are 6-second videos that loop automatically, like GIFs with sound. They’re shot live; there’s no uploading of previously-created files (at least for regular users) and no editing afterward. What you shoot is what is shared.

So how do I use it?


It’s super-simple. Just hold down on the screen, and video+audio will start recording. Now, it’s possible to record just with a single tap of the screen, so opportunities for stop-motion animation or rapid, disjointed shooting can occur.

Remember that Vine videos loop around, so there’s creative opportunities there for videos crafted particularly to take advantage of this. Also, Vine videos are meant to record for a bit longer than the end of the 6-second bar while recording, with sound fading out.

Right now, the app is a little bit buggy – I tested a recording on the Nexus 7 and the sound got out of sync, so don’t expect perfect results, or something on par with what iOS users have been doing quite yet

Who’s worth following on Vine?

There’s actually a decent number of celebrities using the service for comedy – James Urbaniak (known as the voice of Dr. Venture on The Venture Bros. and a character actor across film and TV), Will Sasso (MADtv), Adam Goldberg (NYC 22, The Unusuals), and Marlo Meekins are all worth following. Reggie Watts is worth following as well, not so much for the humor of his Vines but because he shows how well looping can work. Game developers occasionally post in-development footage of their games – 6 seconds can reveal a lot! Musician and game developer Whitaker Trebella posts an eclectic mix of game development footage, musical interludes, and occasionally just weird footage that will haunt your nightmares.

There’s no easy way to link to someone’s profile to follow them on Vine, so just search for their name in the app and they should appear. Seenive is a good website that aggregates users’ Vines.

Just get out there, check out the Explore tab, make some silly, stupid, or even deadly serious Vines, and have fun. Tweet your Vines to @AndroidRundown!

Sleipnir Brings Sharing and Smart Tab Management to the Web Browser

Sleipnir Brings Sharing and Smart Tab Management to the Web Browser

Aug 2, 2012

Sleipnir is a web browser that’s focused on sharing and making web browsing easy to use. Gestures are available for performing actions, from swiping horizontally to switch tabs, and more advanced gestures for closing and restoring tabs. Tab browsing uses a two-dimensional tab bar, where different sets of bars can be called up and used at a time.

The app also tries to make it eas to share to various social services without leaving the app. Log in to various services like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instapaper and then by using the sharing options in the middle row of the pop up window that appears after tapping the sharing arrow in the lower left corner, articles can be shared directly from the browser.

There’s one reason why this app may be sticking around on my device: I can properly add images to posts in WordPress. Other Webkit browsers, even Chrome on Jelly Bean, has problems at times with something that should be so simple. Sleipnir is available for free from Google Play.

Minus Review

Minus Review

May 6, 2011

Android phones are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the go. They can help you keep your life organized so you can stay productive no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Unfortunately, there’s no built in option to help you move all of your files around with you other than connecting the phone to your computer with a USB cable. Minus makes it easy to share files between multiple computers and phones so you can take all your files with you wherever you go, and share them with whoever you want.

It’s impossible to review Minus the app without also reviewing Minus the service, so lets start there. Minus makes it extremely easy to share documents, photos, audio files, or pretty much anything else you want with other people. Just drag the file into your web browser on your computer, or upload it from any app that handles files on your phone. Once the file is uploaded, Minus automatically generates a link to the file that you can share with anyone you want any way you’d like. You can even customize the link if you’d prefer to give it an easy-to-remember address.

The principles behind Minus make sharing files a snap – just upload, and share the automatically generated link. On the PC, it works flawlessly, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Android version. Downloading files works fine on the Android platform – after all, it’s just using the web browser to grab the file. Uploading is a different story. During my tests, several files failed to upload, one of which was less than 1MB in size. The problem didn’t present itself as often over wifi, but it did still happen. On top of that, the uploads were a little slower than we would have liked.

Uploading issues aside, the Minus app has a clean interface, and it’s extremely easy to use. Uploading files couldn’t be easier, and sharing them is as simple as copying and pasting a link. If you’re looking for a simple, free way to share files with other people on the go, the Minus app is a pretty solid way to do it, even with the occasional hiccup while uploading a file.