KickStarter Spotlight: Hoyo

KickStarter Spotlight: Hoyo

Jan 29, 2014

Some may view this post as just another step toward the inevitable day when cellular chips will be injected into our brains and our every conscious thought is spewed online for the world to see. For others, however, this is a post about a very legitimate product, and something that would really enrich their pre-work morning routine by allowing them to more easily catch up on all the news from the day before. This polarizing product is the Hoyo and it allows easy, safe smartphone access in the one place that has forever been devoid of technology: the shower.

Sure, there are a plethora of waterproof phone cases, and many are very good at what they do, but the Hoyo is special because of it’s commitment to the shower. Seeing as most cases are nothing more than plastic bags with a fancy clasp there is not a good, hands free, way to mount them for reading in the shower. The Hoyo solves this problem by having the user cut a small circular hole in their shower curtain and then attaching the device so that the opening faces the dry bathroom and the bag for the phone falls down into the shower itself. It is a odd concept, and initially the idea of cutting a hole in a shower curtain seems quite drastic, but after considering the bargain price of curtains and the fact that the Hoyo actually pulls the look off quite convincingly the idea becomes much more palatable.

But if the thought of defaming a shower curtain is too much, the Hoyo can be mounted on the wall via suction cup that attaches to a hefty screw on lid. This also allows the Hoyo to become more than just a slave to the shower; for example, why not stick Hoyo on the bathroom mirror and watch last night’s Lakers’ highlights while shaving or experience Breaking Bad while washing dishes with impunity.

As it stands now George Sheety and his amazing Hoyo need about £13,500 (~$22,400) to become successfully funded. Luckily, there is still 45 days to go, which should give every reader enough time to head over to their KickStarter page and consider donating to their great product, because who would not want to be able to read Reddit in the shower.