Freaky Friday: Sick Videos

Freaky Friday: Sick Videos

Nov 18, 2011

When I heard about an app called Sick Videos, I immediately grew worried. What is wrong with these videos? Why are they so sick? Why is there an app showing them off? Why won’t they get the treatment they need instead of being bandied about in Android app for our own twisted amusement? It was then I realized that “Sick” didn’t mean the videos were ill, it meant that they were sick as in “crazy, twisted, totally wicked brah.”

Sick Videos is a curated list of videos found on the YouTube, and brought together in one app. Want to see a man wearing an elongated dragon in a compromising position? It’s here! Want to see a sandstorm instantly turn day into night? It’s here! Want to see a judge of what I can only assume is a kumite knock out one of the competitors with his foot? Sure, that’s here too! Want to see a clip from some random Japanese TV show with a woman who has a machine gun in her pants? I don’t know why, but it’s here too!

The best part was a random video compilation of people suffering from random accidents, like falling down, or hitting themselves in the groin with a baseball they hit off of a chain link fence. It’s so meta, a collection of random accident videos in an app dedicated to collect these types of videos! What’s next, a video that is a collection of collection of videos? It’s like typing Google into Google. It would cause the universe to explode.

Of course, the problem with collecting all these videos in one spot is that these videos are often more fun to watch when not looking for them, when trying to find something else. After all, an app called Sick Videos has me expecting the sickest, most twisted videos in need of hospitalization, and some of these videos seemed to be very much skirting the definition of “sick”. I mean, people falling down isn’t “sick” – that’s just what YouTube was made for! Why do I need an app for that? Heck, I could entertain myself for hours just by searching for “people falling down” on YouTube, and I think I’m gonna go do that.