The Silent Age Review

The Silent Age Review

Jul 3, 2013

The Silent Age is a point and click puzzle thriller that encourages interaction.

It chronicles the ad hoc adventures of Joe, a somewhat, uh, non-enterprising janitor in the building of a huge shadowy conglomerate that stumbles upon an interesting secret.

Using picture stills as a means of conveying the backstory, glimpses of the game come into focus. The ominous words set the ball in motion.

“Mr Hill wants to see you.”

And we’re off.

As far as gameplay goes, Silent Age defaults to an overall principle of simplicity. Tapping objects on the screensilent1 causes a white circle to surround it, and a box with text dialogue or pointers appears at the very top of the playing area. Most objects can be interacted with; sometimes, the information may be important. The key is that there is a lot of it, and the player has to figure it out.

The game engine uses logic well. To illustrate this, a look at the opening scene is invaluable. After an initial work summons, the protagonist has to be led to an elevator in a well secured building. He needs a piece of equipment to acknowledge this, and to find that object, it is fun to figure out where said object is (his thought process and job function help) and retrieve it. But even when we get there, there is puzzle that needs to be solved with objects in that specific area. In other words, the sequences flowed decently together within the context of the gameplay.

The graphics aren’t overpowering, but they do work well within the confines of the game. They great use of color and shadowing make up for any perceived issue with animations.

For a simple game that doesn’t spoon feed, this game is an excellent choice, either as simple time killer or an engrossing mystery. The choice is open.