Bam Fu Review

Bam Fu Review

Jul 30, 2013

OKay, I have to say Bam Fu can be a really fun game to play with a few people. The smaller the screen the more difficult it can actually be. The idea behind the game is to get all of the pebbles on the screen to be your color. To win, the person who changes all of the pebbles in their color takes the cake. I know that sounds easy, but it’s all out war.

In the beginning of a match, the layout of the pebbles can be chosen. Even though there are only a few on the screen, it isn’t all that easy to get them to change to a single color. Be quick. If playing a dual player match, the pebbles are random colors. There are also some pebbles that change colors making it harder to have all of the colors match.

bam-fu-11To play with more than two players, the three and four player level needs to be unlocked. To unlock it, there is a cost of 99 cents.

Playing a dual with more pebbles on the screen will give you better odds of not getting smashed knuckles from trying get that last pebble to change. Due to the feverous tapping on the screen, try not to smash the screen or it might end up being a really bad day.

The game is really responsive and the pebbles change color with a light tap. There really isn’t too much to the controls other than quick taps of the screen but the controls do what they need to do well. Bam Fu is one of those games to pull out when there are a few people around, maybe waiting in line for something and have at it. Play around with some of the different configurations to make the challenge fun for everyone.