Crescent Moon Announces Upcoming Game Leave Me Alone, Releases Trailer

Crescent Moon Announces Upcoming Game Leave Me Alone, Releases Trailer

Sep 14, 2015

According to app developer/publisher Crescent Moon, there’s a new app on it’s way to Android, and it’ll called Leave Me Alone.

Somewhere between the 1980s and 1990s there exists a world that never was. A world of skatepunks, mutants, and madtastic ruffians who roam the streets causing terror and havoc wherever they go. A world where its noblest boarded citizens have just one war cry against the world outside: LEAVE ME ALONE!

Lucky for them, those citizens have brought more than a way cry to defend themselves. They have you.

Leave Me Alone is a game of sidescrolling skateboarding combat that has more in common with Mad Max than Tony Hawk. Players perform tricks, drink soda, and kick ass across a variety of post-apocalyptic 2D environments. Grind over a park fountain filled with toxic waste, then step off your board to bash some dirty muties in the skull.

You’re the ultimate bad ass from an alternate 1989. Enjoy every minute of it.

Leave Me Alone Highlights

Kickflip across 21 intense levels – From a city under siege to the sewers below and even the depths of hell, there’s nowhere your skills aren’t needed.
Unlock brutally powerful skills – You know what’s better than skating over mutant punks? Creating a wall of fire in your wake.
Hop off your board, hit someone with it – If you get tired of pop shove-its, pop off your board and shove it into the face of your enemies. Lay the smack down.
Hardcore mode – Remember how difficult a limited number of lives could be back in the NES days? We’re putting old school frustration in the palm of your hand!
Text your mom – She’s worried about you.


We’ll be keeping an ear out for pricing and more. While we wait, enjoy the trailer below:

Free Friday App Rundown December 14th – Skateboard Games

Free Friday App Rundown December 14th – Skateboard Games

Dec 14, 2012

Skateboarding has become a lot more mainstream than it used to be. Because of that, there’s a ton of skateboarding games out there on almost every gaming platform, including Android. The difference between the games is typically difficulty, graphics and being officially licensed so they can use actual professional skateboarders as the characters. This list will show five very different variations of skateboarding games for Android.

Skateboard Monkeys

Skateboard Monkeys has a monkey skateboarding down the road in top view. The game consists of jumping on top of cars and collecting stars. To control the monkey, tap the screen to jump when the jump bar is full Tilting the screen left or right controls the monkey’s lateral movement.

Download Skateboard Monkeys

Android SkateBoard Attack FREE

Android SkateBoard Attack is a pretty simple skateboarding game. To score points, the apples need to be crushed. That made me laugh. There are also a little Android’s along the way that need to be picked up. It’s just a fun and simple 2D scrolling game with simple controls. Ollie over obstacles and try not to wipe-out.

Download Android SkateBoard Attack FREE

Skate Fighter

Skate Fighter is a combination of fighting game and skateboarding game. As the little stick figure skater is on the ramps, he needs to fight random civilians in his way. Progressing in the game will bring out new tricks and more awesome levels. The levels are not the typical skateboarding layouts. There are currently bowls and places to rail slide, but there’s also other obstacles not necessarily seen in the skate park.

Download Skate Fighter

Sk8er Punk

Sk8er Punk is a pretty simple two button, side scrolling game where the unrealistic skater needs to ollie over obstacles. He has to go about his daily routine like having to school and playing bingo. The characters are not very realistic in comparison to some of the others on the list. Sk8er Punk kinda reminds me of that old Nintendo game California games if the characters were little more Lego-like.

Download Sk8er Punk

Mike V: Skateboard Party

Mike V: Skateboard Party is the Tony Hawk Pro Skater of Android devices. Just looking at the levels and the graphics, it’s easy to tell there was a lot of work that went into this. There’s ton’s of real professional skateboarders as well as a lot of really cool tricks and levels. The on-screen controls are not horrible to use either.

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party