Nun Attack: Run & Gun Review

Nun Attack: Run & Gun Review

Sep 30, 2013

When the second rendition of the Nun Attack series came out, Nun Attack: Run & Gun, I was really excited. I really liked the original version so I was curious how they were going to top it. Once I started play it, it is evident that they chose a different style of gameplay. With the popularity of games such as couple run and other somewhat side scrolling games, the kind of went this route. Nun Attack: Run & Gun has a lot of the same action and look of the original, but in a side scrolling set up.

nun-attack-run-and-gun-3The Holy warriors came back to fight another round of evil. Some the the Demon beings to be eliminated are werewolves, skeletons and other beings trying to kill the nuns and make the martyrs for the cause. Nun Attack: Run & Gun has many different nuns and weapons to add along the way. Different upgrades and powers make it easier to collect a lot of the coins needed to purchase upgrades and receive achievements.

As the game progresses, different nuns can be used. The different nuns have different abilities and/or weapons available to them just like in the original game. As you imagine, some of the nuns are more agile, some of them are better than with weapons and so on. Making the correct choice helps get you farther distances.

The music in the game is actually pretty cool. Kinda has a 70s feel to it. The graphics in the game are quite good. There cartoony yet really detailed, almost like a moving comic book. The controls are onscreen controls. There’s an up arrow for jump, down arrow for jumping down a level, slide button and a button used for shooting. That’s all there really is to. Overall, the controls are pretty easy to use in comparison to some other games. The controls are responsive and accurate as long as you keep them correctly.

I see this as a game I could play quite a bit because it goes on and on only to get harder and faster.

Nun Attack Review

Nun Attack Review

Nov 9, 2012

How often are there games where nuns are the main character, let alone where they are shooting everything in sight? Nun Attack is that game. The demo video below shows a pretty good representation of what the game is like. It all starts with one nun with two handguns. She’s kicking butt against evil from a different realm. The skeletons come out of a portal and try to attack the world, but this killer nun will have none of it.

As mentioned in the start of the game there’s one nun to control. She has two handguns and a special ability. As more nuns get unlocked, there’s the option to choose a combination of a couple nuns to attack the level. All of the nuns that are later unlocked as the levels progress also have special abilities. If they weren’t nuns I would call them superpowers but will call the special abilities. For example one of them turns the non-invisible the other has a, for lack of a better term, holographic image of herself to fool the skeletons.

The controls are pretty simple, they consist of tapping and dragging the nun were she needs to be. Whether she is attacking something or simply moving around the screen this is how it’s done. The same controls are used on the map screen for the battle screen. also on the screen, there are different options to activate the special powers or miracles. What’s different about the map screen here is the nuns can actually die on the map screen. There are different portals that will show up the need to be attacked on the map screen itself.

All of the nuns weapons and abilities can be upgraded. The upgrades are able to be purchased using the gold acquired when evil beings are killed. To attack the your characters, drag him nun to area close to the evildoer. To be more accurate and possibly attack from a farther distance, drag the displayed X directly on top of the monster.