Sky Burger Review

Sky Burger Review

Nov 16, 2012

As true burger aficionados know, the famed beef patty sandwich isn’t just food; it is a bona fide form of expression. Check out the assembly specialist at the local burger joint of choice. Look in his eye.

Sky Burger is an entry from NimbleBit that dares to awaken the hidden Picasso in burger-eating, tower-building mobile gamers everywhere.

The premise is simple. Think of an almost Tetris-y type of gameplay, with burger components dropping. As the order taker, my job was to maneuver my stack to get the right components (while avoiding the wrong ones) to build the unique burger to specific order. Patties, onions, cheese, pickles, tomatoes and buns fell in random order. Funky choices like “Veg N Out” (heavy lettuce, no meat) and “Saladburger” (loaded tomato) made things interesting. I had to keep tilt-sliding my ever-growing stack to the right component, which was more challenging than I initially imagined. The order I got the items did not seem to matter; as I collected them, the items were checked off at the top, and when I got everything, I had to look for the finishing bun.

Properly made burger masterpieces earned me tips, and tips pushed me up the career ladder.

I liked that the developer added the option to switch control to touch, so that I could also play by swiping if I so desired. The music I found to be so-so, but I really wasn’t expecting orchestra music, and frankly, I did find the game so engaging that I didn’t even notice the music at first, so big kudos to the developer. Graphically, the game was pretty nice. The bright colors helped me to visually separate the falling foodstuff. I especially like the balancing effect of the elongated burger as it seemingly was about to tip. The way the food that was not lined correctly dropped off the corner of the top was also realistic.

All in all, it was an easy-to-understand game that offered plenty of enjoyment.