Defence Effect HD Review

Defence Effect HD Review

Jun 6, 2013

Turret defense games, when done right, have the potential to be extremely fun tower defense adventures. Defence Effect, from Sky Jet International, should do the genre proud.

In terms of backstory, the developer does away with staple zombie apocalypses. Instead, the developer concocts a fairly reasonable story sourced from believable events: financial mismanagement leads to a cascade that collapses the world economy; this results in societal upheaval. By 2020, one of the results of the numerous civil wars that eventually ravaged even the developed nuclear powers is the appearance of smaller countries like the Free State of Soledad, which I, as the player, defends.

There are campaign and survival modes; the general gameplay involves manning a turret, and guarding against advancing enemy vehicles and/or personnel headed towards the position I’m tasked with defending. The enemy units all had life bars, and destroying them with gunfire before they reach said danger point is the name of def1the game.

I absolutely love the somewhat intricate nature of the shooting mechanism. The dual sighting magic that works with one of the earlier weapons almost has to be played to be fully appreciated. The game engine is fairly logical. It takes a little bit of effort to get a target well acquired; missing a shot usually means it’s going to be even harder to re-acquire the target. This just made sense, and it does the game credit to not make it too easy. Weapons can be switched out and upgraded with earned game cash. I also like that different guns have different attributes, and even different sighting styles.

Obviously, with the shooting being such a major part of the game, the controls are important. The controls for this game are sensible and effective. In the button layout, there’s one to swing the barrel round, and most of the others have to do with doing the bullseye.

I think the developer could have cut corners and fine simplistic, but thankfully, did not. The game has a realistic feel, with lively looking scenery, with winding roads and natural obstacles. The great 3D graphics definitely make the game even more interesting.

Scoreloop integration adds in the social integration, and rounds out this fun title.