Slash of the Dragon Review

Slash of the Dragon Review

Mar 6, 2014

Slash of Dragon is a collection RPG with a difference. Working though a world map with a team of monsters and warriors it’s the player’s job to chop their way through increasingly harder stages with parties of enemies. Completing a stage awards more monsters and these monsters can be used to level up other monsters and eventuality evolve them into new, more advanced versions.

The big difference in Slash of Dragon is its combat method. Rather than tapping enemies and just watching the battle, the player must slice their way through blocks that appear on the screen.

Screenshot_2014-02-20-02-05-06Dragging a path though each block boosts attack power. This Fruit Ninja style gameplay is very engaging and offers players an active role in battle, rather than their relegation to a more passive observer. The slicing motions really make the game feel more like an actual fight.

Extra wrinkles are added as the game continues, with blocks that can only be sliced one way and such.

Evolving monsters is fun and your monsters have plenty of text quotes for different events that give them some personality, rather than just being simple pawns used to fight. Some of the quotes are a bit silly, but this just adds to the game’s charm.

Monsters are nice and varied as well. Everything from fire mages to angry wolf people are available to use in battle and there is some really nice art that gives them some flair.

Screenshot_2014-02-08-13-19-46On the downside, Slash of Dragon makes a terrible first impression. After an initial 20 minute download when the app is opened, a basic 2 minute long tutorial is shown. After this, get ready for another download. This one is almost an hour long. This wait time is very off-putting. The game crashed whenever it was switched away from as well while downloading.

Graphically, Slash of Dragon varies wildly. Some monster art looks good and there are plenty of neat anime monsters and warriors, but others are little more than blobs or circles and are quite uninspired. The game’s interface is decent enough, but features some odd translation in places. Attacks in battle are a major downer however, with dull fireballs and other such projectiles the only animations. Considering the vast wealth of fighters available there could be a lot more interesting attacks to see.

There is a lot of gameplay in Slash of Dragon. Like most collection style RPGs there is a nearly endless array of monsters to grow and train and doing so will take a long time indeed. There are a lot of single player missions to work though as well.

Slash of Dragon is a long lived RPG with a unique premise and battle system. Any RPG fan should check it out.