Sleep Diary Review

Sleep Diary Review

Apr 24, 2012

People suck at sleeping these days (Editor’s Note: this review was edited at 4:04 am). I know I have a hard time taking a nap in the middle of the day even when I am exhausted. The hard part is there isn’t a really good way to tell why. For starters, tossing and turning will keep anyone awake. Does this sound familiar? Well, Sleep Diary is a good start down the path of a good night sleep.

The way Sleep Diary works it, at bed time, lay the phone in bed too. If the bed is pretty big, make sure it is close to the person in need of monitoring. As the person sleeps, Sleep Diary will monitor the movements as the person sleeps. The main screen is gives access to everything in the app. The alarm, forms, statistics, tracking and the settings menu. When it is time for bed, this is the screen used to initiate the sleep tracking.

In the menu, accessed by pressing the gear icon, there are several different options. The alarms can be created or adjusted, the rating forms created and managed, tracking settings managed and access to the statistics.

There are built in user adjustable alarm clocks. These alarms will override other alarms set for the same time. What I mean is, if the alarm in Sleep Diary is set for 8AM and so is the Android alarm, the phone will think both are going off but only the Sleep Diary alarm will ring.

The rating forms are the window into the specifics of the day prior to sleeping. When there is exercise or medication or another person in bed or any other factor that could affect sleep. There are only 3 forms by default, but more can be added in the paid version.

Tracking settings are are adjustments to the ideal amount of sleep needed, calibration of the sensors used to measure movement, muting sounds and other adjustments.

Statistics are where the information starts to make sense. The sleep duration chart shows ideal sleep versus actual sleep times, sleep deficit, average hours slept, and an overview among other statistics.

I found it really interesting how the days when I woke up and was tired were the same days I tossed and turned all night. The days I exercised and didn’t drink any caffeine late in the day or have any alcohol were the days I tossed and turned less and felt more rested. Who would have figured people sleep better when they get exercise and don’t pump their body full of need-nots.