I’m Sleeping Makes That Phone Shut Up at Night

I’m a notifications addict. If something even remotely related to me is happening, I want to know. Sometimes I even want several devices to notify me of what is happening. Even if I’m asleep, I want to make sure that those emails and tweets are coming in! I’ve learned to sleep through my device notifications. Some people cannot, or don’t want to. For Android owners, there’s an app to help keep things quiet in the still of the night.

I’m Sleeping lets users set their phone to shut up at certain times on a daily basis. Carry different hours on the weekend? Then it’s easy to set different hours for then. Taking a nap and don’t want to be notified? Then use the widget’s nap mode to quiet the phone for a certain amount of time. Want to make sure certain notifications come in from certain people? Then use the whitelist feature to make certain notifications make the phone sound go off. Best of all? The app is free.