Dungeon Nightmares Review

Dungeon Nightmares Review

Feb 27, 2014

Screw that – I didn’t get this job to get a heart attack. Generally, I have a love-hate relationship with horror games. I like horrors because of the atmosphere and feeling of abandonment and solitariness. What I hate them for is when some monster jumps right at you and your heart goes through your digestive system and escapes from below, buys ticket to Hawaii and lives there, hourly taking Prozac. Dungeon Nightmares is a great combination of both, and I already place it among the best mobile horrors, but if I knock out the next person who pats me from behind with my heels, as I’ll be starting off in an opposite direction, I know what to put my blame on.

Dungeon Nightmares will feel familiar to people who played mobile horror games like Slender and SCP-173 and the like. Player needs to go through a lengthy dungeon that consists of various barely-lit rooms and passages and collect an artifact. Then he needs to get to an exit. There are other things that can be collected, like gold bars and creepy notes that try to warn the hero of an impeding doom, but they’re not necessary to complete a level. Just find an artifact and get to an exit. I think it’s obvious that there’s something in the dungeon that doesn’t really want ourDungeon Nightmares 4 quick departure from the dungeons. I won’t indulge in details because spoiling the mood is the one thing you don’t want to do with a horror game.

But I can say that unlike previous horror games that consist of nothing but walking around an empty area and waiting for the enemy to jump at you at any second, Dungeon Nightmares holds suspension with more than that. Also, it looks really great. It’s not the most beautiful game on Android, but it feels like a proper game, instead of a prolonged screamer with cheap textures. Another great thing about it is the big, changing levels. When the hero gets to an exit and the next night starts, dungeon layout is completely changed. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that the objects’ whereabouts in the dungeon are also shuffled each time you play. By the way, there’s a handy map that even keeps track of your steps, although it doesn’t show any objects or exit.

Wrapping up, I can’t really think of significant flaws in Dungeon Nightmares. Maybe the graphics could be a bit better and the dungeon rooms could have more variety with more objects of interest, and the story could be richer, but really, it’s fine the way it is. I want to say that it’s a great “screamer”, but I really think that it would be a bit insulting, because Dungeon Nightmares is a great horror game.