Slice HD Review

Slice HD Review

Aug 21, 2013

Don’t slice your finger off. A simple instruction that most of us, in our day to day dealings, are able to follow. Slice HD is a puzzle game that looks to make that a much more difficult proposition.

The set-up’s simple. A button on the screen needs to be pressed, with the only things getting in your way are a set of blades. Sometimes these blades move of their own free will and sometimes these blades need to be moved aside. Some blades are linked to other blades where, for example, moving one blade will cause another blade to swoop in.unnamedCA9SO4O2

It’s hard to really go into more detail on Slice HD‘s gameplay mechanics, because that’s all there is to it. What helps make the game work is the clever ways that the developers switch up what you expect to happen with the blades. Their behaviour changes from level to level in ways that seem small in isolation, but when playing the game, are actually quite large.

One issue with the game can be the occasional issues with the controls. Sometimes I’d find myself cursing the screen as it deems my input worthy of splattered blood. ‘I’m sure I touched the safe area’, I tell myself. Another issue can be that some levels get simply ridiculous to complete on your own. A number of times I had to ask for help when it came to holding back blades so that I could complete a level. Is this a design decision? Am I meant to ask others for help? No idea, but that’s what happened.

Something that seems to be worth mentioning and seems to be damaging the game’s Google Play Store rating quite heavily is the price. The price of the app is $0.00 – what happens is that after 12 levels you have to ‘unlock’ new levels for $1.00. According to a lot of people on the marketplace, this is nothing but deception of the highest order. Just something to be aware of folks. The people making this game will eventually want $1 from you. You have been warned.

Other than that, I’m running out of words. Slice HD is a solid puzzle game that has a very simple premise that it uses fairly well. Only a couple of issues arise when it comes to registering your touches and some questionable level designs.