Arego RSS Reader Review

Arego RSS Reader Review

Sep 11, 2013

Arego RSS Reader is yet another offering that allows us to get over the horrific event that was losing Google Reader. And yes, I’m still a bit salty, so here comes Arego from SlidingBits to hopefully make me less salty!.

A soft, light blue background makes up most of the intro screen. At the top, there is a sync button and an “add” button (denoted by the ‘+’ symbol); tapping on it also invokes a third button for settings, as well as a list of feeds to subscribe to.

The feeds list is relatively well stocked, with choices ranging from BBC News to Reddit all the way to Yahoo Finance.arego1 Most leading tech blogs are represented, so it’s a geek’s feast. It is possible to add feeds manually, so no matter how obscure a feed is, if it has a conventional current live feed address, it can be accessed.

Most feeds are subscribed to by default; an interesting feature is the settings to schedule feed availability. To further expand upon this, settings give the option of selecting the preferred reading time for each feed by time range and day of the week. Thus, it is possible to tailor the available feeds to one’s intake tastes. NatGeo pics in the early hours on Tuesdays? Time Top News on Friday evenings? Possible. When opened, each feed can be thumbed up or down and shared via relevant services on the hosting device. There is also a quick button that asked for migrating to the the real data source.

I think that I would have been happier with some more inline functionality. It is easy to navigate off-site, so that is probably mostly preference for me. Also, while I think the minimalist, clean look is compelling, some might unconsciously compare this with flashier alternatives.

Outside the minor quibbles, the minimalist environment and simple syncing customization makes it much more useful than might be assumed at first blush. For smart device users who are plugged into the more popular web publications, this might be a decent option.