Smash Spin Rage Review

Smash Spin Rage Review

Jul 12, 2013

Beautiful, drop dead gorgeous 3D graphics. Relatively easy controls.

Frankly who cares about backstory?

Smash Spin Rage is a game that brings mythical elements to 21st century handheld gaming. It brings to bear murder, the supernatural and an unquenchable desire for revenge.

I mostly like the graphics in this one. The colors avidly bring to life the spooky ambiance of the location, with natural light combining and contrasting with shadows at the same time. The animations are smooth, and the supernatural effects worked well. From the opening cutscene to the battles all the way to the creativity of the belligerents, the game looks good.

Backstory aside (I admit I didn’t get it), it goes straight to the action. A hammer/ball and chain as the defining smash1weapon of justice. To get the weapon going, a finger is placed on it; holding down and making tight, continual circular motions. This spins the weapon, allowing it to pulverize most of what it comes into contact with. Lifting the finger “drops” the weapon. Movement is effected by holding and dragging.

At first, most of the smashing had to do with inanimate objects. Soon, there are moving things, like animated, bewitched skeletons that skeletons that are determined to do away with our avenger. Moving around wantonly could also be risky, as the temple grounds are borders by seemingly bottomless pits that are, well, lethal. And, yep, smashing usually yields collectible coins.

Compared to the beings that start appearing further down the line, the skeletons are practically cuddly. I liked this, as swinging at skeletons is fun for only so long; making exotic enemies helps retain the attractiveness of the gameplay. There are somewhat hidden hazards (like flame throwing statues), but also specials like a super-spin to combat them.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed in-app purchasing to advance. The collected coins could be used, but the collection rate did not seem to match the purchase prices.

I didn’t know what to expect from this game. I think the backstory is interestingly murky, and hopefully, since this is the first part of a promised trilogy, we’ll see more. All those highfalutin’ graphics also mean this game prefers higher end devices.

The good news? It is probably worth it for a lot of folks.