Crowdfunding Spotlight: SNAP!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: SNAP!

Mar 26, 2014

I think everyone would agree that smartphone can be the most amazing and the most frustrating pieces of technology. Great for train rides, and yet not so suitable for bike rides. Sure, there are mounts for bikes, cars, tables, strollers, and almost every other applications, but these are all very specific products that are rarely inexpensive and might not always fit all devices perfectly. One of the problems with this is that there is no case or accessory that has some sort of standard coupling mechanism. By employing this the costs of all these mounts would be dramatically decreased because the worry of securing the phone would effectively be solved.

But where would such a device come from? Why, KickStarter of course. Welcome the SNAP!, a universal mounting system that is putting its chips on the logic that a strong ecosystem is the recipe to long term success. Of course a solid product is still essential and that is exactly what SNAP! delivers. The female connector can adhere to any device via a super strong 3M adhesive and all the other components can easily just snap into place. These accessories can be as large and creative as camera stands and car mounts or as simple as a money clip or headphone wrap.

The creators of SNAP! have made clear that community input will be vital into deciding which securing accessories are made first, and because effectively only the base of the mount is being produced these should be cheaper than competing products who have to also include the cost of the phone case. I can really see this project taking off and becoming something that could potentially in a few years become an industry standard. The project is being lead by three extraordinary inventors and developers who have plenty of industry experience and are more than capable of guiding this project to the promised land of tech accessories.

In conclusion, please give their KickStarter page a visit, because more-so than just being a worthy project, SNAP! is a product that could really change the way we use our smart devices.