Snatz Review

Snatz Review

May 9, 2014

Jumping on a trampoline, opening windows and stealing TV’s. All while being a little rat – that is wat Snatz is all about. But is it any fun? Yes and no.


It seems a bit random: rats stealing TV’s for a living, while they’re jumping on a trampoline from house to house and entering them one window at a time. Yes, but that’s excatly what Snatz is all about. In this game, players have to open windows by getting to them via a trampoline. The building the rats visit are very high and will get even higher later on in the game. If the residents see your little rat face one time to often, they will call the police. And when they come, the rats flee the scene of the crimes. This results in a car chase – dropping the stolen tv’s on the police, will stop the chase.

The criminal rat isn’t alone in its shenanigans. He gets help from two other rats, who are holding the trampoline which fires the main criminal up in the air. Players control those to rats by tilting the smartphone or tablet – a common way of controlling characters left and right for these kinds of games. On the bottom right, there is this little button. With it, players open up windows and snatch TV’s from someone else’s living room. The rat jumps out of the window and this is the point to let the tv go and tap it as soon as it reaches the ground. The concept is good, but the execution…

The problem with these controls, is that it isn’t very accurate. Tilting your device is fine, but more than once the bouncing rat will fall next to the trampoline, because the landing zone is very precise. If the rat is just a pixel away from the trampoline, it will fall on the floor and the game is over. Then there is the button, placed on the most uncomfortable position for a player’s thumb. The game doesn’t provide a accurate control system or a pleasant one – though it is its very foundation to begin with. It is failing at its very base.

Although Snatz looks really fine, it is annoying to have Adobe Air installed to play, and it takes very long to boot up. It’s not that special in graphics or sound. Let alone in its gameplay. Snatz is imperfect at its core with is failing and unpleasant control scheme. This is a game that doesn’t quite live up to its potential.