Stick Squad 2 Review

Stick Squad 2 Review

Mar 13, 2015

Stick Squad 2 is another entry in the well-worn sniper genre on Android Is it worth a shot?

As for the actual gameplay Stick Squad 2 provides some pretty good sniping action. A simple control system lets you pan around the scope with a finger and there are buttons for fire and reload, although the reload button for whatever reason is very small. The rifle you use in Stick Squad 2 has a very small magazine so it’s important to a make your shots count. Head shots of course are instantly fatal while sloppy body shots usually requires multiple hits to kill enemies.

Screenshot_2015-02-27-18-48-34Only a few missions are unlocked at once and these must be completed to unlock more. Completing a mission awards a rating and three star rating are worth much more cash. Missing even one shot usually ends any chance of a three star rating, so like real sniping this game is all about precision. The missions vary wildly in fun and challenge. For every fun snipe fest with enemies there is another mission that is dull as dishwater, such as a target shooting mission. Blowing off heads is fun, but shooting static targets isn’t so much. These target shoots take place in the same levels as those used for enemies as well, so they really feel like filler.

Stick Squad 2 features an upgrade system for its guns. Coins earned in gameplay can be spent on weapons upgrades. These get expensive in a hurry but good play awards plenty of coins.

Graphically, Stick Squad 2 is slick. Unsurprisingly the game features plenty of stick figures yelling at each other and amusing/terrible voice acting. There is plenty of blood and good death animations and targets are easy enough to make out.

Stick Squad 2 is a fun game and since its free it’s worth a download for some head explody action.

Contract Killer Review

Contract Killer Review

May 26, 2011

Murdering has been a part of gaming history ever since the first Space Invader invaded our space and was sent packing with a pixel sized bullet where the sun don’t shine. Ever since then, shooting digital things has become second nature to generations of well balanced, level headed children.

Following in that great, shooty, tradition, is Contract Killer, the new game from Glu Mobile. It casts you in the role of a deadly marksman, with a city to clean up and a small amount of bullets to do it in. To that end, you shoot your way through a variety of levels, taking out different targets for money, XP and the sheer hell of it.

The game is a first person, fixed point snipe-em-up. You start each level at a vantage point and from there have to find and execute your target. There are bodyguards and civilians thrown in for good measure, and it’s perfectly possible that if you miss your intended victim a few times, they’ll just run away, leading to a mission failure. Each kill earns you XP and money that you can use to buy new weapons and ammo, health upgrades and any number of other murdering accoutrements.

The game is pretty impressive looking, with some of the best graphics I’ve seen in an Android game. The music and sound effects too are of a pretty high quality, giving the whole package a highly polished sheen that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t quite match the aesthetic experience. The sniping elements all work well, and there’s a depth to the game that similar titles are lacking, but quite often you’re just stood there getting shot by people, and that’s not a particularly enjoyable thing to do.

Contract Killer is a bit of a strange one, then. It tries to add something extra to a type of game that is, to all intents and purposes, a one trick pony; and it manages admirably. The problem is that it goes too far, adding more and more features to make the game exciting, but making it less enjoyable in the process. There’s fun to be had here, but not as much as there should be.