Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 Review

Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 Review

May 27, 2014

Within weeks from now, all of the world will be tuning in at the soccer world cup in Brazil. Naturally, game makers want to cash in on one of the biggest spectacles of the world by using the world cup as a theme for their football games. But the Dutch studio Lunagames does things differently.

In Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 players take control of a nation’s bus – which nation that will be, is up to the player. There is only one condition for the team to be in the game: they have to compete in the world cup, of course. When the player has chosen the country it will represent, the chase of the rival team will begin. Both busses will ride on a busy freeway. The core of the gameplay rests with dodging cars that drive away and at you. It is okay to bump into the once in a while, because the bus players are controlling has a healthbar which slowly drains after each hit. However, don’t go to far with that – the bus hasn’t got eternal life, so be careful when driving.


The goal is to catch up with the bus players are chasing. While dodging cars, collecting special colored balls and ramming into other cars, I found myself enjoying the overall experience. The bus reacts very well to the on-screen contol buttons. There are only to – the bus can change four different lanes, so at its core, it’s very basic. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a negative point. It makes the game quickly understandable and very accessible at the very least. After the player destroys a bus, another will appear – making this and endless 3D runner. It only ends when the player dies by the hands of the rival bus or by the ongoing traffic. However it ends, it always ends with a bang – with Burnout-like collisions. The wheels even come off – it looks a but clunky, but it is very funny to see.

So the game plays nice, has a humoristic touch to it and, even for a world cup game without the sport itself, has suprisingly many balls in store. It also looks very well made and the music fits the overall theme. This is one World Cup game even non-soccer lovers can play. And I for one, am one of those people.