Theme Thursday – Solace

Theme Thursday – Solace

Jul 28, 2011

As I delve deeper into the list of themes I’ve been choosing from for Theme Thursday, I find myself steering further away from gimmicks and more towards uniform color schemes and imagery that helps pull a theme together. In other words, a theme that simply changes the icons into funny pictures or novelty items isn’t going to cut it. I want something that catches the eye. Solace, a custom theme for ADW Launcher, does just that.

If you’ve never heard of ADW Launcher, it’s a home screen replacement utility that allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your Android device’s graphical user interface through custom ADW Launcher themes, like Solace. Icon sets, wallpapers, dockbars and even the way the app drawer behaves are all easy to customize through ADW Launcher’s settings.

This week’s theme, Solace, comes with striking wallpapers that show off their tones of orange and purple that really grab your attention. The colors clash just enough to make the background stick out, but blend together in unexpected ways. It’s almost like an oxymoron — how can these two, seemingly opposite colors that are completely at odds with each other help bring about a sense of unity? As I look at the designs, I realize that this is a visual representation of what the world “solace” means: comfort in a time of distress.

It’s no coincidence that even the abstract shapes and objects are set against dark, rigid lines. Two elements that shouldn’t go together, yet here they are in harmony.

The color scheme continues into the more than 250 icons that are included with the theme, showing off colorful silhouettes against a dotted background. As each of these elements come together, you get a sense of “one from many,” a prevailing idea displayed in a beautiful, mesmerizing way.

Solace is available on the Android Market for US$1.49. The clock widgets being used in the screenshots are Tajm and Clockr. Both are free.