Microsoft Solitaire Comes to Android

Microsoft Solitaire Comes to Android

Nov 25, 2016

Many a Generation Xer cut their gaming teeth on the simple set of applications on early iterations of Windows; several should have fond memories of Solitaire.

Now, the game is on Android, as Microsoft Solitaire Collection — just in time for the 25th anniversary of the game.

The new release incorporates five different types of solitaire card games: Pyramid, Klondike, Freecell, Spider and Tripeaks, giving folks an opportunity to play how they want to play.

The game also has daily challenges; it also packs in XBOX Live support, which allows friends to earn achievements and play with family and friends. Additionally, one can play seamlessly across Windows 10 and Android devices with the cloud saving feature.

And there’s more…

To mark the launch, Microsoft is giving out free month-long premium memberships. That means no ads PLUS game boosts and Double Coins for all daily challenges.

Hurry though… this offer ends on December 31, 2016.

The game is otherwise free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

MobilityWare’s TriPeaks Solitaire Arrives on Google Play

MobilityWare’s TriPeaks Solitaire Arrives on Google Play

Nov 4, 2016

TriPeaks Solitaire, a game from MobilityWare, has made the leap from iOS and is now available on Google Play store.

Per Google Play, this one is a variation of Golf and Black Hole, and boasts a “Classic Windows” design, free games, mind training customization tweaks and more.

It’s free, and available to play now.

Sage Solitaire Review

Sage Solitaire Review

Feb 9, 2016

Combining two very different card games? I am curious as to how Sage Solitaire intends to do that.

If the game sorta kinda feels like a mix between solitaire and say, poker, you ain’t crazy; Sage Solitaire actually merges elements from both card games. Off the bat, it may be hard to imagine, but as as one goes on, it is fairly cohesive.

In terms of layout, it is played in portrait, with a simple top-down view that reveals cards stacked in three rows and three columns. The artwork is simplistic, and the cards are easily identifiable to anyone who has played around with a deck of playing cards; helping out with the visuals is the color scheme, as the developer adds color-coding to each suite. The game is controlled by taps, and the resulting animations and such are quite smooth.ss3

With regards to gameplay, again, one need not think too long about “conventional” solitaire. Yes, one constant element is flipping cards, but getting point-garnering “hands” (just like in poker) is a main goal. So, taking chance into account, one can look to get, say, a pair (two matching numbers for a modest 10 points), or one can shoot for big payouts by going for the admirable straight flush (hello: 150 points)… or any of the combos (like three of a kind, regular flush, four of a kind, etc). One can trash cards — up to two, and regenerated by successive combos. It takes a bit of skill to go along with luck, and several scenarios inevitably play out… should one gamble on “trashing” a card, or go for what’s safe? There are hints and special cards as well.

In the end, clearing the board completely is what one hopes to do.

It all comes together quite well, almost surprisingly slow. It is quite addictive, and the high score system encourages one to get in battle with self and others locally. Extra modes (past the stock two) are available via in-app purchase, as well as other goodies.

When it’s all said and done, this is game that has to be played to be properly beheld. Get on with it.

Sage Solitaire Due Out on Android this Week

Sage Solitaire Due Out on Android this Week

Feb 2, 2016

Noodlecake is set to publish a new game on Google Play this week; this one is a solitaire title named Sage Solitaire.

Sage Solitaire is free and comes with Single Deck and Vegas Modes. One iap will remove ads, unlock the other modes (Double Deck, Grit and Fifteens) as well as more wallpapers, themes and decks that pair with any situation.

The core behind the game is as follows. Players are tasked with clearing all the cards from each stack. To do so, you must select poker hands from the available cards and you must use cards from at least 2 different rows in the process. You are awarded points for how rare the hands are you can make, clearing stacks as well using the special Suit card to add bonus points to you hand. Players can also trash a card if they want to remove one from the pile. Completing a hand will add a trash slot back for players to use.

Single and Double deck are just that. Players are required to clear one or two decks worth of cards. In Fifteens mode, players can make poker hands but also can cash in hands that total 15 no matter what the numbers or suit are. As long as the cards total 15.

In Vegas and Grit mode things get a little more intense. Players place a bet on their game before it starts. Then as they clear stacks, they earn a score multiplier instead of points. This multiplier needs to get above 1, else you might lose your money! Players also earn money for completing the various poker hands. Grit mode is the mecca of this mode. In Grit, you are given a stack of money and if you lose it, that’s it. No more. You never get to play Grit mode again. Do you have the guts to gamble in Grit?

Can’t wait to see this one; the actual due date is February 4th. Check out the trailer below:

[via Sage Solitaire Press Page]

4 Thrones Launches Physical Version Kickstarter, and is Free on Amazon Appstore for Today Only

4 Thrones Launches Physical Version Kickstarter, and is Free on Amazon Appstore for Today Only

Nov 14, 2013


Simple Machine, developer of 4 Thrones, has announced two important news today. First, they are on Kickstarter, kickstarting the real-world version of 4 Thrones with actual playing cards. And second, a bit more interesting for us, is that today only, 4 Thrones is completely free to download on Amazon Appstore, and half-off on Google Play. While the sale is waiting to processon Amazon, make sure to grab it while it’s hot. Here are the links: 4 Thrones Playing Cards on Kickstarter; 4 Thrones on Google Play, 4 Thrones on Amazon Appstore.

4 Thrones Review

4 Thrones Review

Sep 9, 2013

It’s a wonder to stumble upon a fresh solitaire game – not because they’re not being made, but because they’re largely lost in the torrent of remakes of solitaires from Windows 98. 4 Thrones isn’t really revolutionizing the world of solitaire, sure, but manages to be at the same time fresh and familiar. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that the game is flipping simple. It’s also the main issue, as it only has so many mechanics. The core gameplay is very easy to understand and predict, so it’s not really challenging after about an hour of gameplay. But then again, so are the rest of solitaires, so I don’t think that it’s that big of a problem.

4 Thrones 34 Thrones has outlines that are very similar to Freecell. There are four positions that should be filled with cards, and a deck, where the cards are taken from at random, one by one. Unlike Freecell, there are no other positions, and cards don’t have to belong to the same suit in order to fit – the cards should just be put in an ascending order – from 2 to 10 to Ace. Aces are the highest and lowest-ranking cards at the same time, so when an ace is placed, it can be covered by a card of any value. Highest-ranking cards are also special, because they can be covered by any card of lower value, belonging to a specific suit. There are three different game modes – single deck, which I think is self-descriptive, endless, which has an unending supply of cards, and Kings, which is similar to endless, but the main goal is to place as many kings as possible.

I think it’s understandable that 4 Thrones is very simple. The style, the gameplay and the controls are as minimalistic as possible, and the game is simpler than a PowerPoint presentation in a Friday meeting. It’s not shiny, but it does have some steam, and for the fans of solitaires, it’s a fine entertainment that doesn’t spend any second on tinseling around.

Free Friday App Rundown December 7th – Card Games

Free Friday App Rundown December 7th – Card Games

Dec 7, 2012

Talking about card games instantly makes me think of a few different styles. And guess what, most of those styles are in this list. Some of the classics have multiple variations while other games require collecting cards and playing with others. Something nice about card games is they don’t require other people to play, they’re a staple of personal entertainment.

250+ Solitaire Collection

There really can’t be a list of basic card games without having solitaire in there. This is one of those games I was talking about where there’s multiple different variations. This one game alone, has over 250 variations of solitaire. I know this is one of the first games that I learned how to play when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to play more than 4 versions of solitaire, though.

Download 250+ Solitaire Collection

G4A Indian Rummy

Something unique about card games is everybody has their own little twist on the rules. The problem is when playing a computer game, or in this case it Android game, many times they played by the traditional rules. This particular Indian rummy game is like that. Boning up on the actual rules of the traditional version might be a good idea before starting to play this game getting angry.

Download G4A Indian Rummy

101 Drinking Games

People will turn pretty much anything into a drinking game. In fact, when I was following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Twitter, somebody turned the parade into a drinking game. So, for the days where creativity just isn’t happening, here’s 101 different card games to use as drinking games. Most of the time people have a deck of cards; if not, they’re only a couple bucks.

Download 101 Drinking Games

World Series of Poker

Poker is another one of those games a card game list would feel naked without. World Series of Poker is a game by EA sports. For those people trying to learn how to play poker, there’s a decent tutorial here. If interested, create an online account and play with people all over. In the beginning, there’s option to just play as a guest. This way all of the losses are not accumulated.

Download World Series of Poker

MARVEL War of Heroes

Think of MARVEL War of Heroes to be like a comic book turned into a card game. This battle card game features many of the most popular Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. in the style of other battle card games like the extremely popular Magic The Gathering, MARVEL War of Heroes is again to collect a unique deck of cards to better battle opponents.

Download MARVEL War of Heroes

Poker Swap Pro Review

Poker Swap Pro Review

Sep 28, 2011

Think you’ve got a pretty good poker face? Well, save it, because it won’t help you here. Poker Swap Pro takes the idea of assembling different poker hands from the cards you have available to you and turns it into a decent game of solitaire. Chips, cigars and a few extra buddies with thick wallets are also not required.

As far as puzzle games go, Poker Swap Pro isn’t very deep. You have 5 rows and 5 columns of cards, and all you’re doing is swapping them, one at a time, to assemble high-scoring hands vertically and horizontally. Depending on the game mode, you’ll be given a time limit, or a set goal score to beat before you can move on to the next round. There’s also a Zen Mode, with no time limit or other pressures holding you down. It’s just you and the cards, mixing and matching to your heart’s desire.

The addition of special cards with unique attributes add a bit more strategy to the game. You have cards that increase the time limit, score multipliers, locked cards and a stone piece that can be moved, but prevents you from making a full hand in that row/column. You also have to watch out for repeating matches you’ve already made, as this will deduct points. In Survival Mode, you need to be especially careful. You might hit the goal, but find yourself going under it when you make too many mistakes.

The graphics in Poker Swap Pro are rather plain and dull. Cards, menus and other interactive elements barely animate or show off any sort of glitz; they all seem too utilitarian. On one hand, it’s a puzzle game; you don’t really need glitz. On the other hand, some polish is better than none. The same goes for the sound. With no background music, all you have are the sounds of chimes that announce when a special card is in play, an element has been touched or when the cards are shuffling. That’s about it.

My biggest complaint about the game is that it requires you to already have a working knowledge of what cards constitute different hands in poker. If you don’t know the difference between a “flush” and a “straight flush,” you may have trouble getting high scores. On top of that, the game doesn’t tell you what hand you’ve just made, nor does it tell you how to make each kind of hand. This can be a pretty rough experience for newcomers who are not only unfamiliar with this game but who know nothing of poker (or could at least use a quick refresher) as well.

If you know a thing or two about poker and really like solitaire games, Poker Swap Pro can be a lot of fun. Even if you don’t know anything about poker, it’s easy to learn the different hands while having a good time. Then you have OpenFeint achievements, scoreboards and more to make this simple game a great challenge for yourself, or between friends.