KickStarter Spotlight: Sonte

KickStarter Spotlight: Sonte

Jun 5, 2013

Houses and apartments with floor to ceiling windows have a major problem with covering those windows for both privacy and convenience on sunny days. If that first sentence seems wholly unlike anything that should be on this blog; do not fret, this week’s KickStarter Spotlight is slightly mind blowing. Named Sonte, it has been garnering the highest of praises from all over the internet after its debut at CES 2013. In a nutshell, Sonte is a thin layer of transparent film that adheres to any glass surface, but apply a current and the film becomes opaque and provides UV protection. Because this is a property of the film, it is able to be cut down to any size as easy as cutting a piece of paper. Installation is as simple as cutting the film, peeling off the backing, adhering, and connecting the power supply. Sonte can come with WiFi connectivity which will allow it to be controlled by any smartphone or tablet.

I realize that most Android Rundown readers are not also interior decorator experts, but the possibilities of this project are pretty exciting. Imagine, for a moment, having a glass partition between two rooms, and, with a tap on a phone, be able to obscure that boundary instantly; halving the room and adding privacy or intimacy. Sonte would be great for those who want large windows in their bathroom as it can be clear during the mornings allowing the rising sunlight to illuminate the space, but for more private moments the window can immediately become opaque restoring that traditional sense of privacy.


As I mentioned earlier, I am not the only one offering praise on this innovative and ambitious project, media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Engadget, and CEPro have all offered their adulation towards Sonte. The only aspect of this project that concerns me; besides the terrifying risk for bubbles in the film, is the price. Right now they are planning on pricing a 1m x 2m (3.28 ft x 6.56 ft) section with WiFi support at $480, but early supports can grab it for just $360. Over time, I am sure that price will go down, but $480 for a simple 1m x 2m section seems very steep, even though the film can be daisy chained with less expensive 1m x 1m sections so working with large windows will be less expensive per square meter.

So for anyone who is looking at doing a modern home redesign, or just for a quick way to renovate a boring room, I would highly suggest giving Sonte a look assuming the price is right. Personally, Sonte is going to the top of my wish list when it comes time to purchase my first home or apartment.