Pick Pic Review

Pick Pic Review

Feb 29, 2012

Sony Digital Network Applications is back with another photography application for Android, and this one is designed to help users get that perfect shot. What Pick Pic is designed to do is to help alleviate the difficulties that come from shutter lag, by taking 11 photos in rapid-fire order, saving the median photo to the phone, then allowing users to save any and all of the other frames manually. The uses include taking shots of moving objects, to help improve the chances of getting a clear shot, taking a photo of someone’s face without them blinking, and just for any photo, where a subtle difference in frames may lead to a better photo. This is the kind of trick that high-end photographers use to get good shots, and it is available in a form for Android users.

This is a unique solution to the problem of taking motion photographs. This can help compensate for slow shutter speeds on many phone cameras, helping to improve the quality of shot taken. It’s great for high-motion shots, or for situations where trying to catch that one perfect moment would be best. The “Say Cheese!” button is just endearing, if not this app’s vestigial organ, because getting people ready for a photo isn’t really necessary with an app like this.

The app does not perform particularly well on the Samsung Captivate, with long delays after hitting the shutter button, making it unclear as to just when the photos are being taken. On the more capable Motorola Xoom, the app flickers when using the rear camera, and the camera view is distorted in both views, although photos are taken much more quickly. These may be Ice Cream Sandwich-specific issues.

Pick Pic is a creative solution to a problem with smartphone platforms, and despite some problems, it’s an interesting solution to try out.

Sony Releases Photo Movie Creator HD for Android Tablets

It’s been a busy year for Sony Digital Network Applications, releasing a variety of photo and video editing apps that try to bring media editing and creation to casual users. Their final app of 2011 is Photo Movie Creator HD, and is their first app designed for Android tablets.

This app works similarly to the previously-released Photo Movie Creator for phones, just with an interface for Android tablets. Users take a group of photos, apply borders and text, and output a video containing their photos. This app works wonderfully on Android tablets, with an interface tailored to the wide screen and high resolution of the devices.

As well, the HD version of the app has social networking features. In particular, users can share videos with other users of the app, so that they can share their special moments and photographs with the world at large. Users can comment on the videos as well, and the most popular videos will be displayed on the top of the page.

Photo Movie Creator HD is now available from the Android Market.

Sony Digital Network Applications Launches Photo Editor and Video Connector Apps

Sony Digital Network Applications Launches Photo Editor and Video Connector Apps

Nov 29, 2011

Sony Digital Network Applications continues their line of Android media editing apps, with two new recent releases. As previously announced here on the site, two new stylish and easy-to-use tools are now available for Android devices: Photo Editor and Video Connector. Both do pretty much what they say on the tin, but have some special features to them as well.

Photo Editor allows for various frames and decorations to be added to photos. Users can add special graphics for comical effect, along with customizable text boxes. Special frames can be added to make photos appear more decorative. There’s also a variety of post-processing effects available, such as color modification, pencil stitching effect, pixelation, simulated SLR effect, and more. This is in addition to the basic photo operations, like cropping, scaling, and flipping, that would be expected from any decent photo editor. Photo Editor is available now from the Android Market.

Video Connector can be used to help stitch together multiple separate video files together into one. Users add videos with a simple upward swipe to call up the list of videos, swipe left and right to move them left and right, and down to delete. Note that videos of unequal attributes cannot be combined, so they have to be the same resolution and file type in order to be stitched together by the app. Still, this is something that could be used to easily bring together several videos recorded consecutively, like on a vacation, without having to use dedicated editing software. As well, the ability to make sure videos stay under certain file limits, identical to Sony’s earlier video editing software, is present. This app is also currently available from the Android Market.

Sony Digital Network Applications has one more announced application coming out in the future: Photo Movie Creator HD. When this is released, we will have coverage of it and of future apps from Sony Digital Network Applications.