Color Zen Review

Color Zen Review

Aug 2, 2013

Color Zen is a cool cucumber. It seems to want to tease your brain while calming it. It’s a lofty idea, but thankfully, I love checking out lofty ideas.

The game is definitely interesting. The best explanation is received from playing it and actually “feeling” the game.

The object of the game is to solve the color-centric puzzles. In the game’s playing area, there is a frame color — a color that covers a thin area around the play grid, kind of like a picture frame. In the grid itself are any number ofzen1 colored shapes. In general terms, touching any of the colors against another imbibes the second with the color of the first; in other words, the color is absorbed. For simplicity, one of the colors in the grid always matches the color of the outer rim.

The overall objective is to have the final color in the grid match the frame. For this to happen, it is important to figure out how to work the colors to allow he final colored shape be the one that matched the color of the outer frame. This is how the developer is able to carve out such a fascinating and calm game out of a seemingly rudimentary idea.

As the game progresses, new elements are tossed in; white becomes a neutral color; there’s stuff liked colored shapes within colored shapes, and asymmetrical formations that really force problem-solving.

It’s a game based on colors, and the graphics are proportionately sharp. The music is gentle and soothing, and works well in the game environment.

One thing that speaks well to the game is the support. The developer of the game has a forum, segregated by platform, that discusses updates, solutions and suggestions. I like this; consistent interactions can only help make the game better, and make the playing community develop a sense of belonging.

All in all, it is a surprisingly fun game that toils very little to create a fun atmosphere.