Cosmic Colony Review

What drew my attention to Cosmic Colony was its crisp and vibrant graphics. The rest of the game proved interesting enough to add it to my daily gaming routine. In this game, the mission is to create a colony in a mysterious planet and maintain balance in the cosmic ecosystem. With fun mini-games and an engaging visual platform, Cosmic Colony is a great space-themed, casual game.

In the distant planet Mochwoi, the mission is to explore and build a sustainable community. The game will start off with a tutorial on building the first structure. With each step, the tutorial explains what the building does (computer store generates coins, settlements generate mood points) and why it’s important. Most structures generate money and mood points. Money can be used to purchase other structures from the store, while mood points increase the inhabitants’ well-being.

To build structures and collect money/mood points from structures, one would need energy. When it runs out, one can either make an in-game purchase or wait for a specified number of minutes. Waiting for items to generate can be skipped by paying in game cash (as compared to coins which are easier to collect). The player levels up once a certain number of coins are acquired, unlocking other items in the store. Each new item is indicated on the level up splash screen. There are other things to do within the game that makes the waiting more tolerable.

There is a rocket ship that is rebuilt when the game first starts, and this can be launched from time to time to explore other planets. In this mini-game mode, the mission is to collect three artifacts for chances of winning other items in the store. Some launch missions are free, while others require game cash. Each launch can not be repeated until after 24 hours.

There’s also sudden pirate attacks and one needs to slash these as they try to invade and hover over the settlement. The game lasts for only a few seconds and coins are acquired for every pirate ship that is eliminated. This part of the game is quite hard to perfect, as the ships move very fast and there isn’t enough chance to react — if one is caught off guard.

Notifications for finished tasks (like buildings and energy) are available so one can do other things on the device while waiting.

Like most city-building games, Cosmic Colony encourages in-app purchases to add more game cash, energy and coins. However, this is not necessary for a player to develop his colony as long as he allows enough time for the game to regenerate resources in lieu of paying real cash for speeding up the process. This makes the game a lot more playable than other similar games.

With its excellent graphics, movie-like soundtrack and smooth performance, Cosmic Colony is great for those who crave for a visually appealing way to build a city in space. It’s not as addictive as other games, but the easy way to generate resources without necessarily paying real money makes it a likable casual game for space fans.