Ascendo Updates Spanish English Dictionary + with Expanded Tablet Support and More

Ascendo Updates Spanish English Dictionary + with Expanded Tablet Support and More

Sep 12, 2013

Ascendo, the studio behind password app DataVault and a whole suite of English translation dictionaries just announced a major update to its Spanish English Dictionary + application for Android.

The new update adds support for tablets, an improved UI, and the ability to add custom words to the stock database of 250,000 translations. This makes the Spanish English Dictionary potentially even more useful as the ability to add atypical and regional slang words is now covered.

These are in addition to the speech-to-text functionality, conjugations, phrases and the quiz generator, all features geared towards improving retention.

We had an opportunity to review the Spanish English Dictionary + and Ascendo DataVault as well.

Ascendo Spanish English Dictionary + Review

Ascendo Spanish English Dictionary + Review

Jul 6, 2012

In a world that is getting smaller, bilinguality is a becoming more of a need than a want. Smartphones are the perfect hand-held tool, and Spanish English Dictionary + application for Android from development vet Ascendo helps make your Android device the perfect bridge between cultures.

The Spanish English Dictionary + comes packed with features that not only help make learning Spanish easier, but actively make you better by testing you. It contains a comprehensive list of phrases by category, a translator, and a quiz program. It comes in at $9.99 and a smidgen over 6 MB.

The Dictionary doesn’t restrict itself to “perfect” language; it contains slangs and gender. I was able to supplement words and phrases with pictures or hints to help my ability to remember terms. I tend to be visual, so matching words to pictures was a good tool, particularly on the go.

The Phrase portion incorporates audio functionality to aid learning. Phrases are paired up with audio buttons. So, if I want to see how a simple greeting sounds, I can simply hit the audio icon to hear the phrase spoken by a native speaker of the language. There are phrases listed by category: Making Friends, Sightseeing, Emergencies and even Flirting, among others.

This demanded research. I decided to use Spanish flirting phrases on my wife (who is fairly fluent in Castillian). It worked surprisingly well, as she was able to decipher what I was saying, and picked up the program’s speech quite easily. I am not yet a Cassanova in the Spanish sense of the word, but I am well on the way.

The Translator does exactly what it is supposed to. It translates inputted words both ways. This was very useful, as the translator is tied into the dictionary; words that need to be looked up can be accessed directly from one part of the program.

The Verbs section lists an exhaustive list of  action words, listed alphabetically. And yes… of course it does conjugations. For someone that learns like me, it was a pretty functional part of the application. The verbs are listed together alphabetically (Spanish and English), and corresponding conjugative terms are a tap away. I was able to see how the words were used, and also access the translation of the word in the opposing language. The application has more than 6,000 conjugated words, so there was plenty of material for me to use.

My favorite part of the application was the Quiz area. I tested myself on my Spanish vocabulary, and proved to myself how much I need this app. It gives you a running score of your multi-choice performance.

I would love to see user-defined expandability, and maybe even some cross-device functionality; Ascendo has a reputation for listening to its customers, so I would not be that worried.

The Spanish English Dictionary brings joy back to communicating across from English to Spanish, and is a great learning tool for your Android handheld and/or tablet. It is a great companion tool; the audio functionality sets it apart, and it has the full backing and support the developer (which offers complimentary copies to folks who are affiliated with educational institutions). A free version is also available in the Google Play Store.