Introducing the Jabra Speak 710, a new multipurpose speaker

Introducing the Jabra Speak 710, a new multipurpose speaker

Apr 4, 2017

There’s a new business-level speakerphone sheriff in town: the Speak 710 from Jabra. It’s the latest member of the Speak series.

The newly released audio accessory looks to be the perfect companion for business-minded people and casual users alike. It’s light, sleek and ready for Google Now, Siri and Cortana. It also boasts 15 hours of talk time to go along with more than a year of standby time.

It can be used as a conference call speaker, but is gentle enough to handle more sedate media as well.

Jabra Business Solutions VP Holger Reisinger talks about the look and functionality of the new piece. “The Jabra Speak 710 offers extended mobility combined with an immersive audio and true music experience. This makes it the exclusive business partner and music companion for any business leader and C-level executive,”he says. “This truly personal Bluetooth speakerphone wrapped in a super sleek design is the perfect tool for everyone who cannot afford to have unreliable and uncomfortable collaboration tools.”

The Speak 710 is available for $299 on


G-Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review

G-Pop Bluetooth Speaker Review

Feb 11, 2014

G-Project has carved a respectable reputation in the wireless speaker market, and we got the opportunity to check out its ultra-portable bluetooth speaker, the G-Pop. Finding out if it strikes the perfect balance between price, functionality and sound output is a worthy endeavor in and of itself.

It comes in a short cylindrical form (less than 3.5 inches tall), well rounded without being paunchy, solid in hand while avoiding unnecessary heft. The black review unit is mostly comprised of hard plastic, with rubberized and chrome accents. Running down one end is a prominent strip that has LED, play/speakerphone and volume buttons; at the bottom are the power button, pair button and auxiliary toggle, while at the top there is a a recessed hook than can be used to secure the speaker, say, to a hiking bag or bike. There is also a port for charging and/or wired connection that is hidden by a flap.gpop1

The G-Pop, size-wise, revels in its portability. While it would probably look awkward in all but the baggiest of pockets, it is infinitely at home on a go-bag and/or purse.

Pairing it after the courtesy charge is as easy as turning it on and initiating the pairing sequence to an eligible device. The sound quality is, frankly, admirable. it packs a relatively serious audio punch for something as small as it is. The design seems to encourage balanced transmission of sound, and the speakers handled volume instructions well. The clarity is okay, though it feels a bit soft on base. For folks that might be looking to get some wired use, or some functionality out of non-bluetooth enabled device, the auxiliary cord that works with standard 3.55mm jacks will be quite useful.

One of the biggest draws has to be the price. Packing in such value helps one overcome concerns pertaining to sound quality or the non-universal nature of the wired component. It even came close to the advertised 8 hours of play time, which, frankly, shocking enough to make it compelling on that fact alone.

The G-Pop can be obtained for 39.99 from the G-Project website or