Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing Review

Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing Review

May 19, 2014

Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing is a top down view race game. It has a handful of cars and tracks, but will it be enough for players to stay interested?

I love race games. When I get my hands on a new one, I get excited. What kinds of cars can I drive? How when tracks can I beat? Unfortunately, my excitement for Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing went down the hill very fast. There are a handful of cars to handle and just a couple of tracks, but it is not enough to keep players interested for a long time. There aren’t many modes either: there is the time trial mode, de quick race option and of course a small tournament. It is really standard and because of the small scale of the game, perhaps even dull.


So in terms of content, this game does not stand out from the crowd. But the graphics are on a whole other level. They are super sweet and very sharp. And the best part of it is: there is no lag and no falter whatsoever, even on a older smartphone model like Galaxy SIII. The sounds and the music are also very well done and the controls are easy to handle. On screen there are three buttons players can push: going backwards, left or right. What? There is no gas button? That’s correct, the game does that automatically for the players, which is really nice. It saves one tired thumb, right there.

There is another aspect that makes this game good. All cars are handled differently, so if the player picks one of the other cars, it could very well be that the end result of the result isn’t something it would expect. Being a top down racer as Speed Rivals is, it somewhat reminded me of games like Micro Machines for pc or Racing Gears Advance for Gameboy Advance; two top down racing games loved by the racing community and myself, so it has that going for it.

But at the end of the day, despite bringing different experiences per car, looking very good and controlling so well, Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing falls short on its content. There aren’t many tracks to race on or cars to race with – there is even only one car to unlock. And that is simply not enough to keep players interested for a long period of time.