Spelling Monster Review

Spelling Monster Review

Jun 25, 2013

Spelling Monster is a gift from heaven to parents with kids in the early school years. it incorporates several learning tools and exercises into the gameplay, which is wrapped in the pleasing veneer of an Android game.

The main menu breaks the game into an adjustable word list and a bunch of mini games. The word list allows for the addition of just about any words, which is great for accounting for, say, vocabulary or multiple kids of different abilities using the app. The game list had five different games: Letter Pop, Missing Letter, Letter Catch, Word Traffic and Word Jumble.

The mini games are simple but innovative. In the first game I got to look at, Word Traffic, I liked the creativity. Words are presented, and several letters appear in the different lanes. The object of this game is to guide a car through the matching letters, in order, while avoiding the wrong ones. So, for instance, if the given word is spelling1“BEAUTIFUL,” one needs to avoid all the red herring letters and random cars, and use touch controls to hop from lane to lane appropriately. Three stars denote three lives, and mistakes end the run.

Another offering, Letter Pop is also interesting. As with the others, it gives a quick text tutorial at the beginning, and then goes direct to the action, which is seemingly underwater. In this, there is a given word, and the job is to match that given word with the options that appear in bubbles rising from the bottom to the top of the playing area.

The graphics were simple but effective, with nice coloring adorning the fun artwork. When there were animations, they worked without stuttering, and the music was the basic sin-songy fare that tends to accompany games of this nature.

The cool thing about this game is its built-in expandable nature. As noted, the word list can be expanded, and the developer also says more games will be added, and in the time I tested it, the developer did live up to that promise, which is very laudable. With a free version, there is even more to like.

Friday Free Game Rundown November 16th

Friday Free Game Rundown November 16th

Nov 16, 2012

Even though there is a spell check on just about everything, it is still important to know how to spell words and have a good vocabulary. While spelling games might not be as fun as shooting and running and driving games, they are great for teaching the basic skills of spelling.

Miss Spell’s Class

Miss Spell’s Class is a game made by dictionary.com. The game uses the most commonly misspelled words in English language as a spelling game. This time based game increases the accuracy of both reading and spelling by quickly needing to determine if the 20 words listed are spelled correctly or not. The game consists of 10,000 American English words.

Download Miss Spell’s Class

Spelling Space – 3rd Grade

Spelling Space is a series of games was spelling words based on elementary school grade level. The one here is for the third-grade level. Spelling Space – 3rd Grade has 480 words spell at a third-grade level. Earn an asteroid for each correctly spell the word and use those asteroids to destroy ships. What is great about this game is that it’s actually a game. It’s not all about spelling. Spelling is the tool needed to get ammunition, but it’s not 100% just a word game.

Download Spelling Space – 3rd Grade

Spelling Fun 3 Free

Spelling Fun 3 Free is a game for much younger children. The basis of this game is to teach the alphabet and spelling a very basic words. The game teaches spelling through a combination of letters and pictures to make it easier for the toddler to associate words with what actually spell. To make it easier for this level, all of the letters needed to spell what the picture shows are on the screen. It’s up to the toddler to pick up the correct letters in the correct order.

Download Spelling Fun 3 Free

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee has the widest range of words for spellers at all levels. The game consists of simpler words for elementary age spellers all the way up to national spelling bee level words. To help with the spelling, there are audio pronunciations of the words. The results of the bee can be recorded and pulled up later for reference and comparison to see if there’s any improvement after time. As skill levels progress, the length and difficulty of the words can be easily increased.

Download Spelling Bee

Spell Me Right: Word Scramble

Spell Me Right: Word Scramble is another style of spelling game. This one is more of a word jumble. There is a question asked and an answer to the question is scrambled up in the letters shown on the screen. To pass the level, the word needs to be spelled out correctly within the allotted time. If the question is too difficult, a hint is available but like most games using the hint will decrease the score once the answers guest.

Download Spell Me Right: Word Scramble