Spider Jack Review

Spider Jack Review

Oct 26, 2011

When a game does well on one platform, the next logical step for the developer is to bring it to other platforms in hopes of increasing their profits. Spider Jack was originally published for the iPhone by Chillingo’s Clickgamer label, the same folks who published Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.

Spider Jack actually has a lot in common with Cut the Rope. Both games have you manipulating a character dangling from a string in various ways. While Cut the Rope has you doing a lot of, uhh, rope cutting, Spider Jack actually has you doing more rope climbing, and swinging. Spider Jack is out for some delicious flies, and in order to get at them, he’ll have to shoot web to various spots in the level, cut web in order to fall, and deal with obstacles like bubbles and blow dryers.

The core gameplay is actually extremely enjoyable. The gameplay mechanics are somewhat similar to those found in Cut the Rope, but there are enough differences, and additions to make Spider Jack feel like a unique and well-thought-out game.

So, remember that part where I said that Clickgamer shouldn’t have passed this game on to Chillingo? That’s because the Android version of Spider Jack crashes. A lot. When I say “a lot” I mean I had to try starting the game no less than six times before I was actually get all the way to a playable level. After two more levels, the game locked up, and dumped me out to the home screen. This happened time and again over the course of my time with the game, making it extremely difficult to play it for more than one or two levels at a time.

At first I thought that maybe there was a problem with my phone – the choppy gameplay, and constant crashes just seemed excessive. So, I checked out the reviews on the Android Market, and found that I wasn’t alone – there are a lot of negative reviews complaining of the exact same problems I was having.

If the game didn’t crash so often, it would actually be extremely enjoyable. As it stands, the game suffers from far too many issues to recommend it to anyone. If you still feel curious about it, try the demo version – if that runs on your phone, then pick up the full version. Just don’t expect it to run on your phone.

Chillingo Making a Move on Android With Seven Titles

Chillingo Making a Move on Android With Seven Titles

Oct 25, 2011

Chillingo has been one of the most prolific publishers over on iOS, lending their support to a variety of independently-developed titles. They also seem to be committed to releasing a new physics puzzler every single week on the App Store. However, their work on Android has been limited thus far to only a few selected titles. This changes starting now, as 7 titles have been announced by Chillingo for Android.

First up is Spider Jack, which was originally released earlier this year for iOS; this game has players controlling the eponymous spider as he tries to collect flies throughout levels. He can grapple to various points in the levels, and collect stars strewn throughout them. It’s similar to Cut the Rope in some ways, but requires a bit more in terms of reaction time. This game is available now.

Office Gamebox is next. This is a 3-in-1 pack, featuring Paper Sniper, where players try to launch paper balls into a wastebasket; Chair Race, where players ride their office chair throughout the hazards of the modern office; Finally there’s Pitch a Penguin where players control a penguin who’s trying to fly as far as possible after launching himself off of the roof of an office. That last one may be stretching the office theme a bit. This is available now from the Android Market.

There’s five other titles announced that will be coming in the future. Parking Mania will turn that most annoying of driving practices, parking, into an actual video game. Three physics puzzlers will be making their way to Android, too: Contre Jour, Roll in the Hole, and Little Lost Chick. Prepare to see stars…and try to collect them! Finally, a title that’s brooding and mysterious and not yet availble on iOS at all: My Vampire Boyfriend. This game will let players tease a virtual vampire boyfriend to turn them, possibly to even gain eternal life. Finally, a game based on my sexy and dangerous life! These games are all “coming soon” and in the case of the latter…not soon enough.